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How am I improve my gigs?

Half of the year and still have a low income, Help me with this…
should I hire somebody to advertise my gigs/services?

Check my gigs if you have time: https://■■■■■■/JUAE5q

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You should avoid some common grammatical mistakes like
’How should/can I improve my gigs’ would be the most appropriate here, ‘am’ is grammatically incorrect.

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Well if he adds a “to” right after the “I” he’s golden, Asad.

And your response had nothing to do with the OP’s topic.

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You just need to promote your services as much as possible.

I think 1000 impresion will print 1 sale.
Though it’s with bad grammar.
I have 3000 impresion and have 3 sales today

I was talking in general.
No offense frank_d.

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