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How am I supposed to get work?


Every design page I go to, it’s ranked by highest customer rating… I see that I’m better than these top-ranked people and would do it cheaper, but how am I supposed to get anyone to see my page if I have no experience? HOW DID YOU GUYS GET YOUR FIRST JOBS?


One word: Perseverance.
It takes time to build a Fiverr portfolio. There are hundreds if not thousands of sellers with high reviews that don’t sell.
Sometimes it’s seasonal, sometimes it’s gig placement.

I got my first gig order by continually plugging away at the former Buyer’s Request area and promotion my gig outside of Fiverr. That was over 3 years ago and my gigs have changed, but the process to me is still the same.
I respond promptly to every inquiry, over deliver on most gigs and I don’t really focus on other sellers that offer the same service.

Look to improve and remain consistent and patient.

Thats the best advice I could give


see(be humble for once


You need to follow fiverr terms to get it


This is the first step in the chain. All that you said is true, and the question is the same: How can i get my first Buyer. I recommend 2 strategies that worked for me years ago:

  1. See how other buyers are showing their gigs, keywords, videos, images, even your words.
  2. Try to promote using facebook. I used facebook ads to find market and a proper niche.

When you get the first one buyer, be the best. When you got the 100th. Be better. Have a nice day.


Obligatory buyers request response :stuck_out_tongue: It really is very helpful for new sellers (although I still count myself as one, haha.)
Honestly, I don’t know if you should be starting out with an attitude of “I’m better than all the people who are top-rated on here.” No matter what, they worked hard to get where they are, and you can’t say they don’t deserve it. Selling on Fiverr isn’t all about hard skills (aka skills in the field you’re selling) but also how you market, how you manage relationships with clients, etc… Just because someone is a top seller in their field doesn’t necessarily mean they’re objectively the best at what they’re doing, but you shouldn’t discount the soft skills needed to succeed on this platform :slight_smile:
If they can afford to keep their prices high, it means that they’ve found a market willing to pay that amount for their services. And that’s an incredibly valuable thing. (something I’m also struggling with :stuck_out_tongue: )
If you think your designs are better than theirs, that’s great! But success on Fiverr is more than that. I can’t claim to have a ton of sales to my name, but what I have gained from working on here is a lot of experiencing in dealing with people that I find really valuable. It’s a learning and growing process, and one that I wish you the best of luck in!


well not really helpful. i still need to know how to even be seen to get my first job. the only way i can see i have any chance compared to the people who have tons of sales and ratings is to send offers in the ‘buyer requests’ page, but u only get 10 a day. this number should be unlimited, not only for me as a seller, but for the buyer as well to have more options to choose from. id like to let Fiverr know they should change it, its just good business, but also for u guys to give me more advice on how to get my first job


I’m not quite sure allowing the buyers request amount to be unlimited would be all that helpful. Some sellers spam buyers with template messages, and will just go on and do it to everyone posting on a given day if given the opportunity. Sure, it’s a classic example of the bad sellers ruining it for everyone else, but 10 offers a day should be enough to get you up and running! It took me about five days of using up all my offers before I got a response, and from then on I’ve had a pretty consistent flow of orders (one of which I’m procrastinating on at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:)
Buyers already have plenty of options to choose from, judging from the amount of offers each buyer gets for a certain task (the most I’ve seen is thirty, but that might just be my category).
I think that focusing on writing an effective buyers request is a really useful skill though. I’m pretty sure other people in the forum have articulated how to do that in other posts better than I can, so I’ll leave you to go sift through the forum for those. Good luck on that front!


We offered as much advice as we possibly could on your ‘other’ thread - whether you choose to accept that well-intentioned advice or not is entirely up to you.

Now, you need to read all the pages we linked to and act upon it - we’re not here to do your reading or learning for you.

We were all new at one point, so stop making excuses, blaming Fiverr etc. and just get on and do it.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


When someone is new here it helps to be very inexpensive to attract buyers. Then you can display the work you did for them by turning on your portfolio. I’m sure you are worth the prices you charge but as a new seller you have to make this sacrifice. This will build up some examples of your work people can see.

If you are that good then it should be no problem after that to get clients.



i can blame fiverr its their website and its ease-of-use and practicality is poor. its their responsibility not mine to make their site easy to understand, informed, and to use.

being new shouldnt be so hard… if u havent already gotten thats my point.

and i dont need to read and im reading here just fine. if u had nothing constructive to say u shouldnt have replied ur intention was just to be a troll then get crappy i have crappy attitude towards u. lol

im asking people with experience how they got their first gigs when the default ranking system on gigs is ‘highest rated experience’ how to get experience with no jobs giving no experience. similar to problem how do i get to work with no car to get money for a car to get to work. THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM and if fiverr wants to continue to be a successful company i advise them to fix these problems before i make my own freelancer site and put them out of business. go away ‘offlinehelpers’ u r of no help here.



thank you. i thought of all that and ive done everything i can to sacrifice my integrity and work for less than i should. in my first package i have set it to $5, offered 1-day ‘GET-IT-NOW’ delivery, 2 revisions, all the pros checked on… everything… and my work is better than those guys with 2k+ responses. even doing this with the way the default page ranking system is set up, im still never going to be seen. how does any new user even begin to compete with a veterened user? i dont get this.


The top rated sellers now started out from scratch, just like you are doing now. They offered their service and completed the orders that came through with a good delivery and kept on going. 10 quality, personalized buyer requests per day should be enough to get you started.

There is no magic formula. Just keep plugging away. people move away from Fiverr, so opportunities open up. The top rated seller in my category when I started no longer operates on Fiverr. I have mopped up some of her business.

Keep going and you will find answers.


you are not understanding. these top sellers started years ago, thats why they are listed at the top. it is not possible for a new user to be placed at the top and i highly doubt any new buyer coming on to the page is gonna scroll past page one, therefore the ONLY people that will be getting business are the seasoned guys who’ve already made their place to the top. now if new users rnt even being seen, how do u suspect they are going to make it to the top? you say offer good professional service, BUT TO WHOM? theres no buyers bc they cant even see my page.

i have buyer requests, and i’ve made it as quality and cheap as i possibly can but literally some of these guys want 10 hours of work for $5 and the SAD thing that ruins our design industry is that some CHEAP punk who’s not very good at his job will just do a crappy job for $5, and the buyer isnt even interested in quality. he just sees $5 and hes gonna go with a STEAL bc hes cheap and greedy. I SHAME the fiverr creators for thinking creating this website was a good idea. totally undermines devalues and destroys the entire design community, some of us have paid $30,000 for a degree should be getting a high salary, not working less than minimum wage. so basically i feel like im competing with some crum high-school students who rnt very skilled at this stuff yet but will just do it anyway. does anyone else feel this way?

this literal thinking fiverr has is what leads to 3rd world countries.


Not true at all. There are some sellers who take off immediately and start making decent money in a few short months. Don’t make excuses. Anyone who is good, with good gigs can do well here in a short time. Don’t blame the site since there are way too many who become successful fast.

If you already know you will fail, since this site is so bad why even be here?


I had no intention of being a troll - that is absolutely the last thing I would do.

Here’s a link to the Academy again - it really will help you.

Good luck - and I really do mean that! :slight_smile:


Offlinehelpers isn’t a troll, she is one of the most helpful people on the forum.

If you want to be successful you need to get of your high horse and change your overall attitude.

Who cares if you are better then those 2k+ sellers. Go in with an open mind…read posts on the forum…visit the Academy linked above. Listen to the podcast. Make a post under “IMG”. You will be suprised how many hidden tips you will be able to find.

Some sellers wait months to get their first sale. It takes a lot of patience. There are times were new gigs are listed on top. You also have the opportunity to get a featured gig if your gig is unique.
So you see, everything is possible.


I originally offered some advice here but have withdrawn it as I just noticed your attitude to other sellers including friends of mine. Forget working on getting sales, work on the attitude as it has just cost you some advice and a sale as I was going to try you out for something small.


I am very sorry for you. You think creating your own beautiful freelancing website can get you anywhere? Many have tried without success. You need to pay( PAY per click)(Adwords) Will you manage it? hahaha. I don’t think you can manage it. If you are selling something for $5 its obvious you cannot manage. Cool down boss. Be patient even if you will have to wait 2 weeks to get your first order. Patience pays. Don’t brag or hurt other sellers with your harsh words. Its not our fault that you are a new seller.


@bucobillions One sale gone. First work on your altitude bucobillions.:thinking: