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How am I supposed to improve my gigs?

My gigs impression and clicks are decreasing day by day. Any suggestion to improve my gigs?


Try to be active on fiverr as long as you can.


How does being online on Fiverr more improve the gigs in any way?

There’s a small chance that a buyer who needs someone to respond immediately will contact you instead of someone else. Since Fiverr was designed so that buyers can buy from you whether you’re online or not, that chance is pretty small. Other than that, there are no benefits plus, if you don’t actually respond immediately, because you’re not really online, the buyer will think you’re ignoring them and get angry.

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Fiber should be given more and more time

Don’t worry Brother. Fast Follow your gig title, image & Price. after that go to social site but if you get not better result than you can edit your gig and go through Offer to buyer.

I hope you will get better result in sometime.

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Stay active longtime on fiber and share your gig on social media.

What’s fiber? Never heard of it.

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I am extremely sorry. The word fiber incorrect Fiverr right. Thank you so much for catching my mistake.

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