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How and where do i share my gig?

i’m new here.i wanna know how to share my gigs.and also where do i share them?

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Hi. Welcome to Fiverr! Pull up your gig page. Look for the social media icons on the right, under your name. Click any or all of these and your gig will be shared. Best of luck! C👒

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To answer your question directly:
-Click on Selling > Promote Your Business > Generate Custom Offer. It’ll give you a link for promotional offers you create which can be valid for up to 30 days. Share that link on social media.

Other options:
-You can also use the code to your profile that is available when you go to Selling > Promote Your Business in the Create Your Badge section in the middle of the page.

-To simply share the link to your profile, use the Share Your Profile section at the bottom.

Good luck with everything!

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Just check out the image

Share them on the top DA social sites but you want to form relationships with its users. That is the key to getting clients and recurring sales.



You can share your gig all social platforms. When you share your gig you have to concern about client social media use area. What type of client you need.

Mainly concentrate on Facebook, Twitter And StumbleUpon…

Useful Post. Thank you!

Too bad that Pinterest isn’t one of the social media icons.

Really helpful .I want to use these tips to improve my gig’s sell. Thanks a lot.