How and where should I promote gig?


I am new here. Can anybody suggest me that where can I post my gigs in order to promote. Does social clicks matter in my ranking?? If so than will it be a better option to invest in getting more social traffic to my website ?
Your kindest suggestions shall really be appreciated. Thanks


Yes you can promote your gigs on social media sites and on fiverr forum too in my fiverr gigs section.


Well, where are your customers located? Start there.


Thanks @rihat76 … Do you think I should invest in promoting my gig on social media… Will I be able to generate enough revenue. I am offering Logo Designing Services.


@jonbaas … I am offering Logo Designing Services. Customers are spreaded all around. Can you please suggest me if you have an idea of Where can I find my services customers . I am expert at designing But Iack proper marketing… What do you say?


You should try it and not wait for the order to come, you offer what thousands of sellers are already offering here on fiverr so you have to work hard to get orders!


Thanks @solow13 … If you can suggest me what does the word hard work refers to here. I shall be thankful. I mean in which sense should I work hard?


If you wish to discover where you should market your services, then you will need to do some research and determine where those customers can be found. Don’t expect an easy solution, because there is none. Hard work WILL be required. And I’m not going to do that work for you.


Of course!! Thanks for suggestions…


Design some awesome looking logos on hot trending topics / companies / hastags.
For some businesses you love.

Post logo on twitter with proper hashtags, brand tag.
And your gig link in description.

That would be a nice way to grab Fiverr buyer as well as direct sales, may be the big brand itself hire you :slight_smile:


Great!! I should give it a try… I am building up a social network… Thanks brother