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How and where to find relevant projects to my gigs?

Hello Dear Friends,
This is Noor Ahmad Fazli, an Afghan resident. Since I am new on Fiverr, I need to know how and where to find and see relevant projects to my Gigs?
my link:



Welcome to Fiver and our community. :slight_smile: I hope you will see fast that here is very nice place for work and improve your skills.
To find jobs related for your GIG, you need to go on “More” tab and choose “Buyer Requests”. There you will find all job posts about your field of work.

Sure, you can always share your GIG on Social Media and invite people to come and check what you give them with your GIG.

Hope you will find everything easy. Be free to write, if you need any help.

Kind regards,

Thanks a dozen Bro. I got what I needed to know just after your excellency comment.

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Sorry Bro, I need to send my GIG to the relevant project so that I would get buyers’ offers, how can I do this?

As i said before, find job which is relevant for your GIG and you have on right side green button “Send Offer”.

Yeah, but where to search for relevant job actually? for the pending projects that need to be completed and to forward my GIG to them?

In Fiverr platform, sellers do not seek for projects (unless in buyer requests). Instead the buyer will seek the seller and give them the project. That’s why the seller has to create a gig where people can see the listed offers when they search what they want on Fiverr’s search box. So here, you don’t need to do anything in according to get orders other than creating a nice eye catching gig while offering a quality service for a better budget. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Fiverr community. Happy Selling! :partying_face:

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Thanks Bro. I have totally understood!

Also you shouldn’t put any offsite contact details in the gig/gig images I think, due to the terms of service.