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How and where to get a video for my gig

please i need to get a video for my gigs, can anybody tell me how and where to get it?. pls…

Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

you can get one here. :slight_smile:

Dear Getfastdelivery,

Here is one of my gigs. see here is a short video. I make it myself. I will suggest that make your video by yourself don’t buy from other. Because if you can make video yourself then it will be better for your sales. Here is my gigs link

You can make you video with webcam on your computer or record yourself on your phone as long as it’s an HD phone.

i can help you out :slight_smile: i can create a dynamic pixelated/cartoonish video for your gig.

Or you can always record yourself and make it more personal :slight_smile: