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How are buyer requests allocated to sellers?

Hi All🙋‍♀️ I’ve been scrolling through buyer requests the last week or so and have seen very little that apply to me (female, american). They are either for a language I don’t speak or they are for a male. It made me curious how they are sorted and given out- does anyone know?


Requests are dumped en masse per service subcategory. For voice over, it will list any and every voice request posted, regardless of language, age, gender, price, deadline, etc.


Thank you for the info!

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Also, don’t expect to see a lot of new BRs daily.

It will depend on your niche categories as to how many new ones appear.

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I read somewhere on the Fiver Forum that there were 10 sellers from each level that were allowed to apply for a BR before a level of sellers is closed out of the “bidding.”

Because level 0 sellers depend more on Buyer Request than other sellers they have more competition for sending offers to each BR. So, since you, @bethanyvo are a level 0 seller that may be part of your issue.

BTW you have a nice looking profile, or maybe it is just the fact that you are so pretty that your gigs look good. :thinking: :blush:

I found the link to the thread that talks about BRs.


@vickiespencer Thank you for finding that! I wondered if it was something like that😊

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