How are buyers still requesting modifications?


I provide a voiceover a service and my description clearly states that I will only modify if the mistake is my own.

But one buyer has requested a modification because he wanted to add a line and now the countdown for the modification has started… I’ve checked and it shows that my revision option is set to 0, but I don’t know how this is happening?

Any advice welcome, thanks in advance


Does not matter what your revision count is, the buyer can always ask for modification. How YOU provide the modification (with or without charge) is up to you.

So send a gig extra to your buyer for the modification with the message in the lines of:

“As my gig states that I do not offer any revision, kindly accept this offer so that I can make the modification you have asked for.”


Agree with capri2794. Ask from buyer to pay for the adding line. Because that is not a revision. Its a new thing


Thanks guys, of course I reminded the buyer about my terms, I just didn’t know how he was able to request a revision when I specifically set the revisions available to 0.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I feel your pain, after hearing the “mistake” argument a few times, I modified my 3 disclaimers to say “Of course, if I make a mistake, I will fix it for free, however requests to adjust tone, inflection, tempo or script changes are not considered mistakes, and do not qualify for free revisions.”

Why can’t we have the option to gray out the “request modifications” button for gigs with zero mods included?


You would be amazed at how many try to say, “but you made a mistake and read too fast.” Scammers gonna scam.


I don’t know why we have to wait for the buyer to mark as complete when we have delivered. It’s very much in favour of the buyer sadly.

I’d love to be able to just submit and have the order complete, if the buyer then requests changes, we have the option to bill them again depending on the request.


I am going to try an experiment and post the following as my mod policy. I think it will chase off the ones that I need to chase off, and settle all arguments immediately.

“Modification Policy”

Please understand that there are absolutely no modifications provided with this gig. Even if I make the mistake, you will pay for revisions and here’s why.

Time is money, and even in the most expensive arenas, talent is paid for total time it takes to get a job done to the director’s vision. Actors on a stage may shoot a scene over and over again, the symphony may record a piece a dozen times till the producer says it’s right. Those additional takes are all “on the clock”, even when someone makes an obvious blunder, and these people are being paid huge salaries at union rates.

So, here in the bargain basement world of fiverr, it makes even less sense to do jobs repeatedly for changes in direction, tempo, inflection, or any other reason without further compensation. I support your desire to be Hitchcock, but remember all his actors were on the clock, even on the 20th take.

So, please understand that every single time you press the “request modification” button, I will be happy to accommodate you, but there will be a charge attached. No exceptions.

If you cannot accept this policy, then please save us both time and hassle, and select another VO artist who will give you the modifications you need."


What I do when I make an offer to a buyer, is to set ONE revision, at an extra charge, of course. If the buyer requests more than one revision, or if he buys directly from the gig (not by an offer I sent), what I do is that I send the gig extra for the revision, and explain him. Fortunately, I’ve never had an issue with a buyer so far.


I had same problem before I set 2 revisions and he did more than 2 I thinks it will be bug.
Any advice?


Part of it is not all revision requests are equal.

They could be asking for a revision due to a real error (skipped word in script, reading something wrong, etc.), -OR- they are requesting because they want something different/added.

As others have stated, no matter how many revisions we offer, a buyer is allowed to make the request.

When responding, if it’s an addition, I simply say “Sure, no problem on adding that new line to the script, here’s an offer for a token amount for the revision request.”

Eight of ten times they pay for it without question, a couple either skip it or discuss why they think it should be free. Note that in my Requirements section it says “I don’t make free changes after the script has been recorded. Please verify your script (suggestion: Read it out loud.)”

I find most get it, a few don’t. Just life in an open market.