How are Gigs classified on Fiverr search?


If you are a Level 2 seller and you create a new gig, is this new gig classified under New Seller sub-category or will it be featured under Level 2 same as your level? Please help. Thanks


You could have easily checked it out for yourself. Isn’t research a part of your service? :slight_smile:

It will be under Level 2. :slight_smile:


I tried the manual search but I couldnt see my new gigs in search results. That’s why I possed the question here.


You didn’t have to search for your own gigs (it might take some time for them to show up in search, anyway). :slight_smile: Once they show up, they’ll be in Newest Arrivals (if you sort by Recommended/Best Selling/Newest Arrivals), and in Level Two (if you sort by the seller level).


Okay. Thanks alot for that valuable insight.