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How are Level 2 sellers able to get a good nights sleep?


I have just lost my level 2 for lower than average response times, I work in my studio full time Monday to Friday and alway give my clients a professional service and experience every time and get back to them asap. But I like to shut my computer off after dinner and on the weekends to live life a bit, I do my best to log in on the weekends but some times I am out of range enjoying time in the mountains. It is unhealthy to have to worry about work 24 7 and we should be able schedule a balanced work flow with in our life and now feel like I am being punished for this. I like the Fiverr platform but feel this is a bit harsh, I think most free lancers need a good rest every one and while to be the best at what they do!


Out of Office is a good tool to use if you’re away for a couple of days …


You only need to answer a message within 24 hours in order for it not to have it affect your response rate. However, as @coerdelion said, using the OOO mode on the weekends may be a good solution for you. You can choose to make it so no one can contact you at that time.


Thanks, I have used that for longer holidays before.


My average is at 10 hours right now and I got bumped back, it looks like they want it to be no lower than 8 hours.


You must be talking about your response time? :thinking: That is how long it takes you to get back to someone after you are messaged or they place an order. The response time does not affect the response rate. :wink:

Personally, I do not stress too much about response time.


Keep rolling like that. Playing up to the levels system is extraordinarily unhealthy. You can be an A-star 5r seller but still have PayPal chargebacks lower your order completion. You can deliver on time every time, but still have buyers order in bulk without notice and ignore requests to extend delivery times.

In short, while I’d say its easy to keep on top of messages, there will always be a potentially unavoidable scenareo or two, or three, or ten, depending in the month, which threaten to send you under.

Unless you really want to live and breathe for Fiverr, just let it go. Alternatively, apply for Pro and have you gig position secured no matter what, as long as you charge big bucks for whatever you offer.

From experience, I’ve been demoted twice now to level 1. Both times I’ve sweated way too much in advance about trying to improve my ratings. However, now I’m actually hoping I can just use being demoted as an excuse for a well deserved break.


I wish I could be like that. It’s just me to work around the clock. It’s an addiction.