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How are my gigs?


I’m a pretty new seller on Fiverr. I currently have two gigs but no orders yet. My first gig is creating e cards, and my second gig is creating various sound effects for people’s recordings. Can you tell me how I can improve my gigs and how they are as is? Also, I can’t find myself when I search my username or even my gig, so I hope you guys can. Thanks! If you cannot see my gigs please let me know!!!


Dear Alvia:

How do you prefer to be addressed? Your customers want to know what to call you.

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

Here’s the link to your profile.

  • Your log line:

Student looking to make others happy through my various services!

I suggest that you come up with a new one.

*Your profile image:

I suggest a photo of you smiling.

  • Your profile text:

I suggest you hire a copy writer to make this pop.

  • Gig Title:

I will ship you a personalized poem as a gift

This gig raises major red flags for me.

  • Gig Description:

I seriously don’t believe you realize how much postage is. You live on a round planet called Earth, and after Fiverr’s cut and taxes, I don’t see how you can afford postage to some international destinations and still make a reasonable net income.

That said, the formatting (one long paragraph) is likely to put Buyers off.

A suggested format for your gig descriptions:





  • Video: 30 to 60 seconds. Fiverr says videos can boost your sales. You should include lots of examples.

Gig Images: You should have 3. These should be pictures of YOU writing the poem, putting the poem in the bottle, throwing the bottle in the ocean, NOT a generic message in a bottle photo.

Gig Extras:

You’ve gone the gig packages route, which is fine.

Gig Packages:

Maybe you’re priced out shipping around the world and this deal still makes financial sense. Good luck with that.

As a general rule of thumb I would avoid gigs that require shipping physical items. Your mileage may vary.

Good luck,


Thanks for the feedback! I am myself questioning my poem gig, so that probably will not be around much longer. I uploaded a video for my sound effects gig but I got an email saying something went wrong and I have to try again. I will do that asap. How do you think my sound effect gig is? Thanks!


Dear Alvia:

In general I look at only 1 gig per Seller, else I’d have no time for anything else.

Perhaps someone else will provide you with feedback on your sound effect gig.

Good luck,


Okay thanks for your help, greatly appreciated!