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How are "optional" requirements displayed to buyer?

How are “optional” requirements displayed to buyer? Can anyone show me a screen-shot that usually places orders quite frequently that might give me some insight into this? I was going to utilize the optional requirements for those that order Gig extras to have a spot to provide that information I would need when they place an extra order. Thanks in advance for your help!

Edit: screenshots were provided in the initial annoucement thread soon after I posted this. This thread can be closed, thanks.

Yeah, it’s fairly new. I see you posted on the thread where the announcement was made. It actually works quite nicely in general for clarity purposes to avoid delving too deep into an order without the buyer fully understanding what they’re ordering, but I am unsure how the optional requirements are displayed. I wouldn’t want them to be too intrusive but visible enough so that when users order extras, they know it would be a good idea to fill out that box. I wish it was possible to make that extra requirements box required 100% for when an extra is ordered, but we’ll see how that goes as it is now.