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How are people getting away with advertising communication off Fiverr?


I want to offer a consulting gig but understand that you have to keep communication on messages only. I am seeing some gigs, where in the actual description they talk about Skype or other methods, etc… and I get that standard flag if I even write the word “email” in a message response. I have had to turn gigs down when buyers message me wanting to communicate off-site and I feel like a Fiverr admin educating THEM about the TOS. So how can I make this work?


If you are worried about Fiverr enforcing the TOS, ahem, (cough, wheeze, wink) say no more. I have had CS reps tell me some fairly dubious things. The truth is, it is still the wild west here, and as far as you are in good standing, if you can do something that helps your business whatever that may be then do it. You didn’t hear that from me. I typ eml. If people want to give me their email address, I say type in phonetically. If you need a password, type every letter except one asterisk… you get the point. I was never here. You can’t see me. Good luck.


Reply to @kjblynx: I will try this out because I really want to create that gig, thanks!


I was asked for my SKYPE and EMAIL Id by a customer today willing to buy my services but wanted to pay directly to my account so that he don’t have to pay for the commission fee fiverr charges and i said no to him as it was against fiverr rules to communicate outside fiverr or take payment from any other source rather than fiverr.

But if you are a seller and your gigs requires using SKYPE you can mention it in the instruction part , as it is related to the service you are offering , like teaching english for an hour on skype or something , and its completely okay unless you take payments through any other source rather than fiverr .

And it will more safe if you just ask the customer support and take there assurance .


Reply to @sunshy1: Thanks for the advice!


Reply to @fixmyprocess: Please understand that any violation of the TOS, will result in a warning and then demotion.


Hmm, I got permission from Fiverr support awhile back for a Skype gig that I never set up, I wonder if that ‘permission’ is still good?


Reply to @kashmiah: Thanks, this is why I haven’t advertised a gig where I can communicate using Skype. So is it true that Support will make exceptions upon request and explaining the reason why? I notice you are admin… :slight_smile: