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How are people handling the 4.7 app bug now?

I get 4.7 due to the bug on the app when someone tries to leave 5 stars once or twice a week.

How do people handle it? I’m worried about using the modification button since if I use it so much my account might get banned? I’m not sure what to do.

I’ve had two this week and customer support wouldn’t remove them.

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I’ve had a couple this week as well.

In my opinion, it’s still a very positive review, so no need to waste your limited uses of the resolution center.

We were just told that they know what’s wrong and are looking into fixing it in the next major update.

In the meantime, you can respond to the review mentioning the bug so that your prospects are not startled.

(again it’s a 4.7 review, so no one will think anything of it)


I’ve had a couple - just ignored them really and left my usual ‘thank you very much’ type reply. :grinning:


Since you have over 3,000 reviews, I’d ignore it. Other sellers at your level are going to have the same thing. (We all get one occasionally if we have enough sales.)

I used to be bothered by them, now I ignore them.

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That’s probably very frustrating. I wouldn’t be worried about using the rating renew option honestly. (I love 5 star reviews!)

Thats painful, when going out Couldnt do anything