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How are the level essential "standards to maintain " calculated

Got a little setback at fiverr since i was below par with “Standards to Maintain”.
So I calculated the no of orders i have to complete to get back my level up. But the results are a bit contradicting.

Could anyone please help me to understand how these are calculated. Specially I want to know if these are calculated based on the no. of orders or the price of the orders…

thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

Happy fiverring to all…!!!

Order Completion Rate is no. of orders completed in last 60 days. So if you have 50 orders completed and 3 cancelled that is 50/53=94% and that is your completion rate.

Everything else on left side of analytics is based on last 60 days as well.

Right side of analytics is self-explanatory.


Hmm. Should do a calculation again. With my last calculation, the results did not seem right.