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How are "Top Gig Picks of the Week" chosen?

How are “Top Gig Picks of the Week” chosen?

When I get my weekly "Top Gig Picks of the Week" it shows 4 Featured Gigs (among other things).

Here's what I see...

Feb 28, March 7 & March 14
One particular Seller is featured ALL 3 WEEKS.

May 14, May 21, May 28, June 4, June 11 & June 18
One particular Seller is featured ALL 6 WEEKS.

What is the criteria for this, and how is it managed?

I’ve always thought the mailings had to be related to cookies from gigs I’d browsed for whatever reason. Every time I clean them out, the mailer presents me with different gigs…until next time I browse. And yes, I’ve had the mailer show me gigs with low ratings or other problems, so I found it hard to believe Fiverr truly wanted to promote low quality gigs/sellers. With the millions of gigs on Fiverr, you’d think an editor could pick 4 or 6 half-way decent, different gigs each week~ :-w

Even more puzzling, I’ve had Gigs I have already BOUGHT, promoted in this “Top Gig Picks of the Week” mailer.


And I often see Gigs I’ve recently visited, to read their descriptions.

So my guess is that this mailer is software-driven, and automatically chooses gigs it thinks are “appropriate” to the reader.


Ah. You think it may have a “follow me” component? That thought occurred to me as well.

Odd that one Seller would show for 6 weeks. A Seller I have no interest in, nor recognize as having visited.


You think THAT’s odd?

I had a Seller promoted to me in that mailer, for more than one week - who I had REJECTED because he was trying to SCAM Fiverr!


And here… they’re promoting him to me, hoping I will buy!!?


Reply to @celticmoon:

you are right. :slight_smile: