How are Ya'll doing ? :)


What’s happening guys, how is everything :slight_smile:
Tell me something interesting about you!


I am phenomenally boring, and I am very busy today.


Exactly why I posted this…
Super busy with extremely large orders, but a little bored too…
Weird !! :slight_smile:


Doing great :blush: but busy :neutral_face:


I was born in Germany and grew up in America but I’m 100% Japanese.
…is that interesting enough…?

One time I was walking a friend’s dog and was walking up this hill…and the dog decided to
poop in the middle. As soon as he finished his business, there was this strong blast of wind which caused the poop to roll down the hill, and there I was, chasing the rolling poop.
Yeah, I got it eventually, and I placed it in the garbage can where it belonged. True story.


I’m doing fine, was going to bed when I got a “I need this order done in a couple of hours” proofreading job. So I thought why not, gave a price, he was happy and we got started. He send a Google docs link and I started working.
It was taking a little longer than I expected and I have just found out why!
The guy is writing more and more into the document as I am going along, I have just caught up with him and with Drive, I can see the words literally appearing as I am editing the line before.
I have to admire the genius of this!
He had actually paid for slightly more than the original word count and he has now gone about 10% over it.

Edit: He has just messaged me to say that he knows he has gone over the word count and if I need to charge an extra fee that I should do so. I’m a little disappointed as I thought this was a genius scheme.


The lengths people will go to, to save money…


whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :astonished::cold_sweat::scream:

Well, at least he did message you and let you know…so did you charge for the extra?


I don’t think you’re phenomenally boring, I quite enjoy reading your posts.
I’m guessing you need to be somewhat of an entertaining person to be able to write
interesting stuff…?


Hey wordandrecord, welcome! I can’t think of anything interesting about me actually. I’m just an ordinary everyday witch.


That was funny :smiley:


I actually purchased your gig not too long ago, great experience :slight_smile: