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How are you all doing?

Hey fam, long time no whinge!

Hope you’re doing well. Any news on your end? What’s life like for you right now?

I’m cruising along. Been as busy as usual lately which I’m grateful for as I’ve had a lot of pals wondering if their job is on the line.

Lots of love <3



Its Fiverr forum, I think you have written something wrong here

I think you’re confused. I’m checking in to see how my regular friends on the forums are managing nowadays, as I haven’t been on the forums in a couple months and I’d like to know how their work life/personal life has been lately.

Hey GG,

Things are okay this direction with everything FINALLY slowing down for me. Lost the job at the school after they downsized the Pre-K, and started freelancing again full-time. Hubby suggested I take the year off from any outside job to relax. After all, I’ve been doing 3 jobs for 7.5 years with no real slow down. I guess this year was as good a time as any.

As for the freelancing,I’m definitely seeing benefits this month of my decision. :slight_smile:

Take care, and come by more often.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your pre-k job (I used to teach pre-k!), but happy to hear you’re taking some time for yourself and doing your own thing! I hope you’re getting more time to relax.

I had my hours reduced this year at my day job too, as I’m a nanny and with parents working from home they’ve needed me less. I haven’t increased my fiverr intake, so it means I’ve had more time to focus on hobbies and self-care! :slight_smile:

:sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

I realised I live in wonderland called Czech republic. August 2020 - “best in Covid” (very low on Europe’s list), October 2020 - “best in Covid” (winner worldwide in a negative way).

Actually, I do not know what’s wrong with people around me.:slight_smile:
I have never heard so much wisdom regarding that disease before. People talk, bla bla, but do nothing. No respect, just recklessness.

Fiverr jobs are up and down for me, as per my plans and it’s just fine.

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