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How are you dealing with off season?


Most of my gigs have been performing pretty bad during December and still haven’t picked up but hopefully, they will once the holiday spirit subsides (fingers crossed). For anyone else facing less activity. How are you spending your time? Doing something new to gig or just learning something new? :slight_smile:


December was my best month since February last year and I am currently on course to beat that in January with orders in my queue.
Don’t buy into the belief that a drop in orders has to be down to external factors. People are still spending money so instead of accepting a drop in sales, look at how you can make some changes or additions to your services to get these sales.


December was my second best month in 2019. It’s a myth that buying on fiverr drops off in December as that has always been one of my best months.


Whats an offseason? LOL.
December was my 2nd best month of 2019. Historically it’s the slowest, but my month 01 plans are to create 4 new gigs, shut down one and review my pricing structures. Basically see what worked and didn’t work in 2019 and adjust accordingly. I always set my year up in quarters (my finance background as well as American football) and make sure I do all I can do finish each quarter on an “up”. Always working to improve as @eoinfinnegan suggested and don’t just accept a lull as okay. Happy 2020.


LOL Seems like I’m the only one getting beating this month :smiley: :smiley:

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I was online throughout the holiday season so maybe that has something to do with it. I was swamped with orders over the holidays. We truly enjoyed staying busy.

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Usually December is very busy for me, but I used out of office mode at the beginning of the month, so it’s been very slow since.

During slow times, I usually take a much-needed break. Then, I catch up on some things on my to-do list that I haven’t been able to get to. If sales aren’t picking up by then, I start doing things to boost my presence on Fiverr, like releasing a new gig, adjusting gig descriptions or delivery times, or creating a video for one of my gigs. I’ll be working on those today.

I hope you get more orders soon and have a happy new year!

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I used it a the end of November and had the same experience.

I start my freelancing career in 2019 and December is my best selling month. Actually it’s depend what type of services you provide here month is not matter