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How are you doing with repeat buyers?


I’m on a mission to maximize my repeat business. I charge a little more than some in my category, and part of my game plan is to continue to build my repeat clients. I’d like to get it to 70% of my daily orders over the next few months.

I just figured out that 7 of the 14 orders in my queue at this minute are for repeat buyers. (Obviously 50% at this minute.)

Do you focus on them too?
What percentage of your orders in a day or week do you have from repeats?

The repeat buyers know what to expect, they don’t send me a half dozen inbox messages with questions, they appreciate my way above average quality, and they understand I offer excellent VALUE for what I charge.

I’m not sure if I’m getting 50% everyday, but I’m going to start tracking it a bit and see how it averages in a week. I noticed the “repeat buyer” icon isn’t always valid, so I cross checked it with my deliveries for the ones I didn’t recognize. (Some order from me so regularly, I know them well…)

Anybody else willing to share their stats/thoughts in this area?


While I don’t have any precise, long-term figures of my own, I currently have 29 orders in my queue, of which 13 are from repeat customers. So, a 50% figure seems pretty good!


At least 50% are repeat buyers of mine. They come back after a year or more sometimes.


I have only 10% repeat buyers work :disappointed:


I used to have majority repeat buyers when I used to take on bigger orders. Now I’m only taking on smaller orders while I focus on some other things so unfortunately I’m losing my repeat buyers when they want bigger pieces of work that I can’t help them with. It’s a trade off I’m happy with at the moment, but repeat buyers are around 25% instead of 70% currently.


Last month, 1/3 were repeat buyers. The rest were buyer request and new buyers.


I have never tried buyer requests…do you get good writing projects that way?


Usually most of my buyers are repeat buyers, they give me the big orders. But last couple of months I have had a few big orders from new buyers.


I’ve never been very strategic when it comes to things like this (I probably should be), but I think around a little over half of my daily buyers are repeats. I think it depends on the type of gig you’re selling, since some gigs aren’t things people usually need over and over.

But I agree, repeats are nice. I always get a little nervous to work for a new buyer.


I agree on the new buyers. Some are wonderful and a joy to work with, some haven’t read my gig, didn’t pay for everything they requested.

The repeat people know what to expect from me, tend to order the right things and pay the right amounts, so they are just easier overall.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to get the new clients. My goal is to wow them and have them become repeats, but a sustainable business is easier with a higher repeat percentage. (If I was in a category where there were few repeats, I’d probably switch over time… but that’s just me.)


This is really depending on you providing a service that is naturally repeatable.

When I start a new podcast client they will be potentially making 1-2 podcasts per week. That’s potentially 50 to 100 orders per year.

That is why 80% of my customers are repeat. The other 20% are new customers that potentially will be repeat. That is a potential growth of 20% each month. Now there is fall off in any situation.

You see the product has more to do with the repeatness (new word) than what you do.

Writers might consider writing blog posts. These happen over and over again. Bloggers need graphics for their posts. These happen over and over again. Proofreaders, transcriptions for weekly podcasts. There also is creative writing needs for weekly podcast show notes.

Figure out how can you can support someone who is doing the same task often.


When I do, I do get good writing and repeat buyers. I only apply to request I know I can nail and that are realistic. No $5 ones or ones with ridiculous demands.