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How are YOU doing?

Hi everyone. If you’re like me, you’ve been getting these “What are we doing” emails from companies about COVID-19. And… that’s great. Thanks for letting me know random company I bought that one thing from 5 years ago.

I want to ask how YOU are doing and if there’s anything we as a community can do to help support you during this strange time around the world.

Personally, I’m in the SF Bay Area and we’re on FULL “shelter in place” orders. I’m working from home now with three kids (all under 6) so “work time” has gotten a lot crazier (only so many times I can hear my daughter sing “LET IT GOOOOO”). :rofl: :joy:

Even if there is nothing that the community can do to help (resources, questions, shared experience), I’d love to hear how your work habits have changed in the last few weeks!


Hi, yes all those emails from AAA, and every other company I’ve dealt with are annoying. I’m relaxing and finding things to do around the home such as cooking, cleaning and feeling a new sense of calm for some reason. It seems like the outside world has gone to sleep.
I read about the shelter at home rules in N. California. It’s a good thing in my opinion.


Our area of the state (my city, in fact) has had no OFFICIAL cases of COVID-19 but school is shut down, lots of the fun places are shut down. City businesses are operating on skeleton crews. The school districts’ kitchen - my school district specifically - is feeding our children and community.

I talked with our school resource officer today, and he suspects we won’t be going back until May if at all (perhaps following the Kansas governor and shutting down for the rest of the school year).

With little work from Fiverr, I’m just taking a break and enjoying the downtime. It’s a rarity to not work when I’m not at the full-time job, so I’m enjoying this as much as I can. No gym, no fun things to do, cooped in the house. I’ll make do.

Cook, clean, spend time with the boys and don’t get sick. That’s how I’m spending my time.


Same ole for me. Self isolating, avoiding the outside world best I can. Stocked up pretty well but just carrying on with work here. My cat and I are quite comfortable.

The biggest “concern” I’ve had with my Fiverr orders right now is the prospect of cancellation requests popping up.

Money may have changed for some people / businesses. What was once a priority is perhaps not so much right now whilst this thing goes on.

I have this uncertainty about orders in my queue - Will I get a message from a customer out of no where asking to cancel because of their money woes or because the business side of things is on hold? Will I get several? Should I jump on the orders sooner rather than later or chill out a bit…

It creates a bit of unease for me, doubly so because of the way Fiverr handles cancellations now and obviously because income for a lot of freelancers is volatile currently (more than normal).

Not sure if others are feeling it.


COVID-19. Reached out to Bangladesh as well. Already one people every one so panic now. Over all we are not a rich country and for it our country shut down for 17 days. So many people have no job they only do physical jobs like farmer, worker, driver etc. Then don’t have job until next 17 days don’t know how they manage their food because they earn money by doing work each day. So I think COVID-19 is a big problem for Bangladesh. Let’s see what happens next. Pray for the Bangladesh guys.


Maybe adjusting the evaluation stats (eg. slightly lowering a few things - which could be different depending on the level) could help sellers at this time (eg. allowing a higher percentage of cancellations etc. or which cancellation reasons affect the evaluation). Maybe also allowing more gigs/active gigs per level or the introduction of more levels (eg. in between existing ones) could also help sellers at this time.


Well, for starters.

Then, I thought to myself.

Seriously, I’ve been going on grocery runs for the elderly and people who are at risk. I’m a germaphobe/claustrophobic so social distancing is what I’m doing to stay out of harms way. Currently I’m on my college spring break, so I’m getting stuff done that I’ve been putting off forever. Plus catching up on my fave Netflix shows like “YOU”, “Lost In Space”, “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story 1984”.

Another thing I’ve been doing is… Making my own handsanitizer and organizing my household.

However, with everything going on in the world. I’m still trying to live life, laugh and have a little bit of fun. I don’t want to be a programmed MK Ultra Soldier. :grin:

Stay safe, everyone! :pineapple: Don’t forget to wash your hands. :clap:t4:


Hey everyone. I hope you all are doing great. May everything get better soon. Stay at home. Everything will be fine soon.


HI… I am from Sri Lanka… and I live near a major town (about 15 minutes’ walk distance)… The government has given holidays… It seems so isolated without any vehicle noises and construction noises around… The town is 90% isolated… And some towns are imposed with curfew… :confused:

Our forces, the medical teams and other teams are working hard to stop the spreading… .Salute to their brave and hard work…

We are advised not to gather and go on trips at the time of need but try to do social distancing. The day to day life is hard for some people and specially small business. I was trying to help out a few disadvantage people, who sell things from house to house, but I didn’t see them this week… :frowning:

I live with my mother in our home with a big garden, spending time listening to birds… so my neighborhood pretty quiet & safe, no one infected…

I am spending this time learning new things & baking stuff… As well as chasing my neighbors’ cats from catching the birds (priority No.1)… :grinning: And I spend a very quiet Birthday Today… (no almsgiving this time) …

But I am dying to go to the beach…

Hope everyone stays safe & the infected get better soon !! :pray:


Hi there, I come from Czech republic, just 10 million people country and I feel nervous. I feel like my body prepares for fight because there is nowhere to escape. There are already 25k people completely isolated in neighbouring town. I try to occupy my mind with work and learning. That’s what holds me up these days. Otherwise it is just waiting… Take care!


Here in Egypt it is going great until now, but my work camp prevent any one to back from holidays
and now beside fiverr i have started to create content in youtube
good luck for all, and be safe


Happy Birthday! I hope you and your mother enjoy the day together!


seems the world is about to shut down anyways


From Sri Lanka… :sri_lanka: living 30kms away from Colombo city. Most of the government places are closed starting from Monday (16th). Government declared police curfew (18th) in several areas. As per yesterday (2020/03/18) we have 50 positive COVID-19 cases. :worried:

No orders… :neutral_face: refreshing the Dashboard to check for any new notification :grinning:, gardening :green_heart: :green_heart:, color washing my house , playing with my 2 kids :heart_eyes: and watching movies .

Stay safe, everyone! :mask:


Doing okay myself, I’m not big on socializing in the first place, my main chance to get infected/infect is using public transport, which I avoid as far as possible now, of course. Spending as much time as possible in the park around the corner, and the fields/forest area a bit further away, as I can avoid contact there and on the way there as well and want to “load up on being outside” before we may have curfew, and because it’s spring and beautiful, of course. A bit worried about a parent who’s in the highest risk group, and of course for everyone and everything, but not too much, as it won’t help anybody or anything.

Take care of yourselves, your loved ones and everyone else, and stay strong.


I hope your parent is staying away from people and washing hands frequently. Take care of yourself too miiila. Sending you a heart: :heart:


Don’t forget to keep clean your kids and your family


:sweat_smile: I may need a psychiatrist after this quarantine with my kids :joy: :joy:
Very sad situation here in Punta Cana… all borders are closed now, so hotels have had to close, too, 95% of the population lost their job today as tourism is the only means of subsistence here. :frowning_face:
@mjensen415 If possible, I would like to talk to you in private about the launching of Fiverr’s new website in Spanish. Thank you!




Matt and family doing this:

I feel this would really help me with… eh… hmmm… IDK, social distancing, washing my hands, or some such related thing.