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How are YOU doing?

Sorry to hear of all that! What a nightmare.

We have no working plumbing currently in our ancient house and I’m afraid to let in anyone to fix it since our area is a very high covid area and I don’t want to be around any strangers.

Yesterday we had a complete blackout for a while. Between no plumbing and no lights or electricity it was surreal. At least in a cave we could build a fire and use the outside “restroom”.

I found myself yelling out the front door to the neighbors to find out what was happening with the electricity. We aren’t supposed to go outside at all here. I felt like a trapped animal.

Lena I hope that they are at least working at putting out that fire! You sound like you are in a bad situation there.


There is a picture of me at 2 years old frolicking around, eating an ice-cream with radioactive wind blowing in my face when that plant did explode that one time. I like to say that I was vaccinated. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I hope it gets handled asap. It does feel kind of biblical at this point.

Take a good care of yourself. We have to get out of this with our wits intact. We’re going to need those wits after this is over.


Too late for that in my case I’m afraid. :crazy_face:

It’s surprising how much radiation the human body can take. I had a medical test one time that involved injecting a radioactive substance into my veins and a machine took pictures of my internal organs to see where they “lit up”.


It’s hard to be not in your country with all these circumstances, so I’m in a whole new country and don’t know what exactly to do in these situations but I guess I’m getting used to it in a way, I’m trying my best to promote my gigs because everyone is almost using internet a lot these days because of staying home all the time, however I’m tying to take advantage of my time too to prepare for Ramadan because it will so soon too!

And also to try new things for the first time and improve my already skills, because I believe in improving more than gaining a new thing and be an “intermediate” or “average” on a specific skill.

So yeah that’s almost all :blush: :v:

I’m from Bangladesh. In Bangladesh COVID-19 situation is getting worse. But, in my area there are no COVID-19 patient yet. I’m still safe. I pray this pandemic will END very soon.


:weary: Sounds really bad! I hope every thing gets better for you and your familly!


Please show that picture :slight_smile:

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Nah, that’s personal (and sort of off-topic). I appreciate the interest in my toddler years, though. :slight_smile:


good work .help the needy :+1:

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In Shaa ALLAH Everything will be normal soon :slight_smile:


Hello everyone
Life is very tough here in Pakistan, we all stuck home. Still the good thing is people are learning new skills which they can use in the future


Aww, thanks Monica. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m doing Fabulous! :tropical_drink:
I applaud you for looking after the elderly. :clap:t4: :sunflower:


I found a song for this moment in time, a message of hope:

“God is all around, Buddha’s at the gate, Allah hears your prayers, it’s not too late.”


Once you are done with your gigs and don’t have much to do during quarantine,
might as well do something that actually helps people.
Time to sew more masks to donate. We can all do a little something for sure.

While I was going through the pile of fabric, I found a leftover fabric from Halloween with skulls and Grim Reapers printed all over it.
…I guess I should skip that one.

Made about 15 of them so far, just need to sew the ends and add the elastic.

I’m currently watching Ripper Street on Amazon.
Good show, but you gotta hate it when your favorite character gets killed off.



Many states here in the U.S. are slowly opening their economies - my state included. To say I’m nervous about how this will all play out is an understatement. As much as I want to get back into the gym or lift weights in the local park, another part of me is saying, this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Last night, instead of attending a concert in Memphis to see Motionless in White, I was at home. The concert was postponed (understandable) and who knows if the concert will even happen. The bright spot of the whole thing is that my school will remain shut down for the rest of the academic year. Now, I do need to go in once a week to get things done such as auditing for next year and payments.

As it stands now, my job is being terminated due to restructuring. I was actually called to ask if I wanted another position in the school as a parapro. While it’s not what I want all the way around, I know I can do the job and will do it as I do anything else in my life. I await the final decision from the board to see if they will make the approval. So, we’ll see!

Thankfully, the Fiverr work has increased, which may be due in part to finding my best gig on page one again with the culmination of an ad I ran.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m just playing the wait and see game and doing work when it comes in.

Stay safe and healthy Fiverr friends!


I’m doing OK. I haven’t been getting any sleep and just moved to a new house so I’ve been unpacking. We are (Alabama) in Shelter in Place Order util May 15th but essential places like Walmart and Doctors offices are going to be working at 50% capacity while barbers, etc are still closed. I’m a introvert so this shelter in place hasn’t affected me much but, we do live in a tornado prone area and it’s getting crazy!

Love y’all and stay safe <3


Hi everyone!
I have come to realize something beautiful about this lock down, and that is the beauty of love. I thought i had it all, but this phase of my life has shown me I don’t gave it all. There is something you have and i do not have, also there is something I have you do not have. That one special thing has has made us thought us to value one another. and the one thing we all seek today is “LOVE”.

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Going well… i hope you are going well to… take care and stay at home…

hope u all doing good, stay safe guys…


Since I do reports all the time at work I find it natural to make a report on what I did during quarantine since this is the last Q-day in my country (Croatia). Starting tomorrow business should be slowly returning to normal.


  • I published 2 new books
  • I wrote 3 new books and prepared drafts for 12 more
  • I wrote 5 e-books for students struggling to learn online since schools are closed
  • I started Fiverr seller account and earned 92 USD
  • I designed furniture for my backyard and build it together with my crafty neighbor
  • I repurposed frame of the old trampoline into the gym area
  • I planted some flowers for the first time in my life
  • I draw a big “NO SMOKING” sign in my backyard
  • I started a YouTube channel and helped a kid who was being harassed by others on the live stream


  • I cleaned and organized my office (this lasted for one day and now it is back to random mess)
  • I discovered there is nothing wrong with my car battery, for some reason car wants to start only if the shift gear is in a certain position
  • I gain 10 pounds (and then I decided to make gym outside :D)
  • I actually planted seeds of watermelon next to flowers.