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How are YOU doing?

So, you didn’t take a test?

My older sister, who lives in France, is in a hospital there since several weeks. Doctors thought that was COVID19 due a chronic cough she has, but the bad news was that her breast cancer was returned after 2 years, and now she is starting chemo therapy again in the next weeks.

COVID19 is not so dangerous as cancer. I understand deaths, but the damage of cancer is increasing every day.


I’m sorry for your sisters situation. However, she might be lucky if France is still treating oncology patients. In Malta and lots of other countries, most cancer screening and treatment is pretty much on hold at the moment. I have a friend with lung cancer who hasn’t been to the hospital in weeks.

More people have died in building accidents on Malta this year than they have of COVID. However, the constriction industry is the only industry that has been allowed to continue operating as normal throughout the pandemic. Apparently, the cost to the economy would be to great if they ceased operations.

Then you have the suicide rate in the U.S. In some states, they have already recorded more suicides this year than during the entirety on 2019. Sadly, most people aren’t interested in looking at the bigger picture. :frowning:

I hope your sister recovers and that you can get to see her soon. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the big picture and the good vibes!!
I hope we all be better soon!


Fourteen states have the highest number of covid cases yet this week. We are in the surge due to the reopenings, and probably the protests.

New York cases continue to fall thanks to strong intelligent leadership.

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Hi everyone,
How are you all ?

Today it is the 85th day of this topic creation.
There are many days have been past, almost closer to 3 months!
How are you today ? How are you doing ?


Hi, I agree with you that some of these emails can be annoying at times because we personally might not know what this company is about and we also might not be so close to it but it is nice to know what other companies are doing. It makes you feel thta you aren’t alone in these hard times. It’s my opinion after all


Happy BD Freelancing:)


Its a freelancer life buddy:)


stay safe …
stay home…
break the chain… :mask: :mask: :mask:

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Well, since I haven’t been on the forum in a LONG time except to occasionally help mod, why not the COVID thread? Hello all. I’m doing okay. Hope everyone out there is as well as possible and staying safe!


Hello, Maddie! I have missed you and it is so wonderful to hear from you again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have thought of you so many times.

We are trying to be as safe as possible and I feel lucky to live in one of the states where COVID is not as prevalent.


OMG, am I seeing things? :eyes: Is this really you… :astonished: It’s so nice to see you, Maddie. :hearts: I’ve been wondering how you are doing and if I’ll ever see you around again. I’m doing OK, so much has happened since we’ve last spoken. I hope you, your partner and everyone is doing fine.

Missed you, Lady! :rose:


Maddie! So good to hear you’re okay :slight_smile: Nice logo, but I miss the pic with cat, almost didn’t recognize you!

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me and my family going well here, hope u all the same :innocent: :+1:

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great…its trying time…things will be okay…

Bangladeshi people are brave to protect the covid-19. They are working stay at home everyday.


Iam hopeful that we will get through this difficult time very soon.


Not so bad, but I’m looking for a job

Everything will be fine

Hi everyone!!! Actually we are working with safe n wish everyone able to work with safe!!! Hope we can get rid of this covid soon.