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How are YOU doing?

So sad. I pray for her to be healed


Thank you! She is doing great!

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Thanks for asking… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We are taking care of ourselves. Hope you all are doing the same… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Actually seeing pepole around me, here in Bangladesh , it doesn’t seems like there is no such thing named Corona virus in this world. Seems like they aren’t afraid of being affected by corona. They thinik they are stronger than corona virus!


Great to see you here, Vabi.

Finally we are now free to lockdown.And back to work area.

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Covid-19 strangely kept my 2 year old GIG relevant.

  1. Intersellar became the number one movie watched in China in Imax
  2. At 00:30 seconds my gig gives a spooky reference to Covid-19

Steve Maxell - Epic Movie Voice Over Guy


Everything will be ok soon. Stay safe .

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Major miss in this pandemic. More than that staying safe is important .

Stay safe , This too shall pass , we all together can beat this.


Now in my country everyday 30+ people are dying in COVIT-19,
Now no lockdown here,
People are going outside as usual and leading their daily life as before.
Some people are too much cautious, maintain Health rules but most of them are not.
Now we are working and going office as before.
May Allah help us.


I need to share experience with others.

I live in Czech republic, 10 million country in the centre of Europe. I guess a lot of Users have not heard about such country before and it could take a while to find it on a map. :slight_smile:

My country experienced exponential growth of positive cases last days and weeks. Czech republic “achieved” 3rd place worldwide ranking in number of positive cases per 1 million during last week.

The country is literally a few minutes away from complete lockdown. Reasonable lockdown imo because of limited capacity in hospitals (ICU beds, doctors, nurses etc) to take care of serious COVID cases. Furthermore, other diseases do not vanish of course so the pressure will be extreme in upcoming weeks.

Why do I write it here?

In my opinion, people’s recklessness, lack of discipline and responsibility is the cause. That’s why I believe we are where we are now.

Every single human can make choices. In this case I ask everyone who reads this post, to make right choice.


e are taking care of ourselves

be safe stay more at home & try to skill up

Last week one of my colleagues got a positive COVID test. Some time ago we started going to the office, so now we all have to go under a lockdown again, and be extremely sensitive towards the body state. Hope there are no more cases.

enhance my skill & try to add new skill.

Post from MAR 18 [quote=“mjensen415, post:1, topic:422543”]
how YOU are doing
[/quote] and today is DEC 18.

Well, after going to university every day for 14 years to provide lecture and work on e-learning development now after 7 months of on and off lock-down I become freelancer. I always worked on developing my graphic design and video editing skills to benefit me on my day job, to provide better learning experience for my students. It never occurred to me that all those certificates in Photoshop, Illustrator, Web design, Social media design, Graphic design I obtained in my spare time will become important papers today that show my qualifications as graphic designer.
My income is reduced by 80%. My family is safe only because I was saving money to buy as a home this year and now all that money I was saving for 14 years I am using to pay for bills,rent and food.

Well, just to start of the pure existence of the Fiverr site is helping me earn that 20% of income monthly. Without Fiverr at this time I would have to reinvent the wheel to get money.

It helps a lot to have a space to talk about crazy buyers asking for Premium when they pay Basic. And it is kinda addicting to go to the forum every day and see how many new topics are there for How to get orders, what categories have no competition, large buyers, and you do not need skills for it.

I woke up at 6 every morning most of my life. From April 2020 I wake up around 8-10-12 do not get up at all.
I use to go to university and give lectures for 8 hours then go home and do e-learning for 8 hours every day. Now I have no idea how and when to work and what to do.
If it was summer it would be easy, all day on the beach with watermelon. But winter is horrible.


Yes, why indeed? Perhaps it was in one of your dreams since you are a new user with no orders.

Why do you keep posting these nonsensical things that are obviously not written by you?


playing pu-bg game bro

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Hello everyone, I hope all good, I am from Bangladesh, all good my site Thanks

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hello! same to you I’m from Bangladesh!