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How are YOU doing?

I disagree, winter is not horrible.:slight_smile:

There is one advantage of being a freelancer.

One day, it may happen that you chose between summer and summer somewhere else. No more winter for Marina. :wink:

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I have a question and I don’t know how to reach fiverr support. But what experience do you need to work on here. I’m 23, I graduated high school and never went to college or university but I love and am good at writing. Will I be able to work here, and if so why would anyone choose me to do work for them over people with higher qualifications…? Also can I get one on one coaching and help writing and setting up my profile…?

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Stay healthy guys……

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I have this uncertainty about orders in my queue - Will I get a message from a customer out of no where asking to cancel because of their money woes or because the business side of things is on hold? Will I get several? Should I jump on the orders sooner rather than later or chill out a bit…

It creates a bit of unease for me, doubly so because of the way Fiverr handles cancellations now and obviously because income for a lot of freelancers is volatile currently (more than normal).

Not sure if others are feeling it

Hey, Brother. #BD_Community:)…

Hey bro, I am also from Bangladesh


Congratulations Bro. Wishing you the best.


Thank you . Stay safe, stay healthy

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Good advise, I hope we are help for your advise

There is so much work lately. I noticed that when I stop controlling my time, I get stuck on a certain working task and I can spend hours on it. Shouldn’t forget about working plan and time management, otherwise, my work makes me overwhelmed. I even spent all my weekends working the last few weeks. But it must be different. Maybe, spring causes me to be so disorganized :slight_smile:


I wish I had some encouraging words to write, but nothing about the past 20 days has been all that encouraging except that 1/3 of the Durham, NC populace is now vaccinated. About 20 days ago my domestic partner thought the house was going to catch on fire and she ran out into the street with our pet sugar gliders, two of which ran off. Luckily they came back but she continued to deteriorate mentally since around March 15th. She had a severe rash on her hands and had a fever for a few days when this happened. At the time I thought she got electrocuted or something because she was complaining of electricity. Now I’m fairly certain it was COVID, but I can’t be sure till we get tested. She already had an anxiety disorder and the emergency psychiatric care has left her in a near permanently paranoid state so it’s near impossible to get her to a hospital or practitioner. I’m barely getting back to work now as I had been mostly trying to supervise her and care for her 24/7 the past few weeks.

There were multiple incidents where the police found her wandering at night in the neighborhood and picked her up. About a week and a half ago she wound up in a mental institution for a couple days. One night she was confused and thought she was in a dream and hit me over the head with a large wine bottle (full of wine). Fortunately I have a hard head but I was seeing double for a few days.
Even if she did get seen by a neurologist, we both are lacking insurance because we can no longer afford the cobra.

It’s mostly my fault. I launched my business to the market about 45 days late and bottomed out financially to a point where I’ve definitely considered bankruptcy but luckily we are on forbearance with our house. I’ve invested my life savings, over 140k in the business and non-profit. I’ve been able to monetize the company but it’s not enough to cover our current overhead and some clients aren’t paying their bills or even retainers due to calamities of their own. The company is only a few weeks to market and we’re seeing pretty astounding social media engagement and results, so I that’s a positive sign. Still every potential customer I talk with seems gun-shy and I’ve been doing this a long time (20 years) so this is a new thing to me. I have never seen people hold on to their money so tight. Usually websites, apps, and marketing are relatively easy sales.

I had started a non-profit called GDN in November and I personally funded it ( by paying contractors from all over the world to work on projects ( and but the work has dried up and I can’t continue to fund it out of my own pocket. I have an idea for a freelance website that is in the works as a SaaS, and several other ideas that are in different phases of completeness. ( The company I just launched will be finalizing these products should I land VC, but I’ve had a few deals go sour last minute. It’s ironic that I bottomed out and yet can’t receive any assistance when I need it most. Can’t collect unemployment because Cisco forced us to quit. Can’t collect welfare cause I made too much money last year. Can’t get government stimulus since I owe a few grand in back personal taxes. Can’t get help from personal loans cause my credit score is 640 which is just below where they offer those at reasonable rates. The list goes on and on. Also I just had a macbook die and my lenovo laptop died as well… just out of the blue. I guess when it rains it pours.

My wife is finally on the mend or at least she is getting some of her memory back, but I am kind of astounded that I’m having to make decisions like “Should we take her to the neurologist or pay the Amex which is now late.” Amex won’t offer assistance, which again blows me away considering I have a card I’ve made on-time payments to for years with them and I’ve explained the situation. It just seems like the whole world is fussing, even the SBA won’t afford a loan due to small qualifying restrictions. (i.e.- the new company is too new, the old company didn’t make enough over the past year even though it was making six figures in recent years).

In any event, I’m really not trying to make this sound whiny. I don’t expect anything from anyone, and really it is nobody’s fault but my own that things are like this. I guess I should plan better for the next pandemic.

I believe in working for my share, and I do great work… I just need more of it. So if anybody wants to buy some videos and automate their marketing, build a website, make a music video, or have us set them up with a CRM and awesome AI features… let me know. I’m an optimistic person generally speaking, and I will definitely not give up. I would rather eat cat food for the next year than go back to work in corporate America.

You can read more about the ongoing saga here: From the trenches.. “I’ve been told I’m everything from… | by Christopher Hogan | Mar, 2021 | Medium

Reach out if you’re having similar experiences. I’m hoping in August this will all just be a bad dream.

Oh and here’s my Gig: Provide fully automated social marketing with custom videos by Globaldevnet | Fiverr
The full length video is better methinks:
Also you can check out & pricing at

If anything I think this felt good to vent a bit, I feel like I haven’t seen another new face in months. Thanks!

Hi Mariia_I, How are you? I am riaz. I am very friendly. I can edit video, slideshow your amazing photo… Hope you like my gig services. We can become a friend.

Lockdown start in India, 2.5M+ cases today. :neutral_face: :neutral_face:.

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same here in Bangladesh. Day by day situation is going so bad. and now we are in lockdown.

bangladesh is also facing some problem

In Bangladesh day by day condition is becoming bad.