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How are you feeling?


With less than 10 days left for the first evaluation under the new system, how are you feeling?

  • I’m super excited! I’m eligible for promotion after all :slight_smile:
  • I’m worried… There’s no way I can improve my metrics in these 10 days. I’ll lose my level :frowning:
  • Thank God, I will continue to maintain my level -_-
  • I don’t care!

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I’m feeling great, thanks! How are you? :hugs:


Thank God, I am safe.
Response rate was 63% at the time of this system was introduced.


That’s great! Awesome comeback! Cheers!


Awesome. The real question is, how are you?


I am feeling like you don’t need to know how I am feeling about this topic. :wink:


yes am also very happy because i have no tension about the level system because i have got justr 4 orders.