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How are you guys doing

Job is going good. Never knew it would be so hard to earn for a living. How are you’ll doing.


I’m doing pretty good, waiting for a new batch of buyer requests for today while watching some Youtube videos.


That sounds great!!!

Hello, ever since i opened my account last month, i cant seem to see my buyer request. anytime i checked it, its always empty and blank.

Some requests came today, so hopefully they’ll be more to choose from. But all of them are going to be taken soon. :slight_smile: @zeeshan_tirmizi

That’s weird, I can see buyer requests even from three or so days ago. Maybe try to broaden your specialization a little bit? Although I don’t like that there is no indication that a request is already taken by someone, which annoys me a little bit. @writer_kate

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When I see buyer requests, they are not always in my specialized area, proofreading & editing. However, there are a variety of offers. Everything from the buyer wants you to make calls to 198 entities to seek accurate information about them, to writing gigs. Many want the :first_quarter_moon_with_face: for $5. I pass those by. I do not want to work 3 hours for $5, which after Fiverr takes their cut is $4. and after Paypal takes their cut is $3.96. :money_with_wings: I want a decent wage for what I do. Although I have taken a gig that was simple but involved more time than I wanted to spend just to get a good review. I am a new seller after all, and I need those too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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