How are you today?



nice pic, s2u :slight_smile:




thanks you also


Today is a good day. I spent all yesterday at the hospital, and they finally found out what was wrong with me :slight_smile: after 2 years!

So I’m in a pretty awesome mood.

Hope everyone else has an amaazing day too!


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m feeling good!


I’m good, why thank you.

How are you doing?


Reply to @caiterz: Thats great news!


Yep, and im feeling better today than I have since late 2009!

happy happy happy


Its a big storm here today, first of the season


Wish we had a storm :frowning:

Im feeling great again today!

Happiness continues!


Watching Sherlock Holmes BBC version. …Loving it.




Today is a good day for me, i will be releasing a great new gig


Was up all night… couldnt sleep. :confused: Slept for 2 hours eventually, but woke up to a bad dream, and scared of chest pains (but none came)

Protip Cait, dont stay up all night, lol


Reply to @caiterz:Hope everything goes ok for you!


I’ve been up all night 3 A.M here. Been trying to promote myself anyway i can!


Not good! no sales =P~


nice pic, s2u :slight_smile: