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How are your sales doing in this holiday period?

Is it normal to have decrease in number of people contacting you, messaging you, (or no messages at all) and consequently in orders? Please, let me know about your current experience :slight_smile:

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Of course, at least for the most of us.
Half of the gigs in some of my fields have been deactivated recently and BRs haven’t gone as crazy as usual, so most buyers and clients are currently both off the website. As one could expect from Christmas holidays, after all.

How are your sales doing in this holiday period?

Early December: the best ever, I basically got an order every two days.
Late December: nobody really cared.

I expect a sharp rise as January creeps up, though.

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I only had orders from returning clients.

I scored one order in BR by coincidence, I went to see it due to some talk here on the forum and noticed interesting post, send my offer, got requirements and delivered under 2 hours; 15$.

And for some reason my strangest GIG is getting traction and I get a lot of messages but most came during night so by the time I responded they already found someone, only one client remained and I just delivered and waiting for feedback.

I can’t complain but I decided starting next year i will record how much time do I actually spend on each order. Because 500$ is good if I worked 30-60 hours, but if I worked 180 then this is disaster.
Somehow I feel that 15$ for one hour is great but then i remember we chat in inbox for 2 hours before actually reaching the order stage.

But this is all due to me still being new in all of this. This is my 8th month of freelancing, but orders started coming just 3 months ago.

My Fiverr work has been zip over the holidays.

My non-Fiverr work has been steady over the holidays.

I expect both to pick up in the next week.

Good for you!

I use the formula of $50 per hour.

That’s what I should be earning to make it worthwhile.

That is why I charge $25 for a 500-word article.

It takes me about 30-minutes to write one.

Yes, research is on top of that, but I figure a base of $50/hr should cover that.

Just some input on what I do.

50$ per hour is amazing.
The minimum in my country is 2-3$. Maximum is 10$ and that is what I was making before COVID. Then I went from 10 to 1.2$ per hour.
That plus Fiverr now I am at 4$ per hour.
And this is only if I actually work 180 hours a month. If it turns out I am working more than that…

My category is oversaturated. Most of my orders come from buyers who bought the 5$ service, regret it and then come to me. i say 50$ they say 15$.

Sometimes I deny, sometimes (when I remember I have bills to pay) I say yes.

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Thanks everyone! Your messages gave me relief :sweat_smile: It’s my first December here on Fiverr (I joined in Sept.) and I got worried at the sudden decrease in everything (impressions, clicks, msgs, requests, orders…)

This is exactly what I experienced too. End of November - Early December I received more orders than usual, then suddenly it was all silent. Before that, I got a 3.7 review because of a new buyer’s mistake and I worried it was because of that… Hopefully we will start getting more orders in Januaryyy. It would be a great start for 2021.

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