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How attract buyers to our gig

I am a new seller, I have an impression but clicks and views too low, and click and views are similar how can I improve it?


Try to verify your gig image and price.

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please tell us how to verify im also a new seller struggling to get the first order


how do it? my price is low

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That keto diet gig is a bit disconcerting in the middle of the animation gigs … of course, keto does make weight fall off … but still …

Graphics gigs are incredibly competitive - there are over 18k gigs in that category alone. You have to find a way to make yours stand out. Research your competitors, see how they’re doing it and include some of their ideas in your gigs. Which is not to say copy them, but look at their keywords, the way they present their work etc, then adjust for your own gigs


should I delete my diet gig?:zipper_mouth_face:

There are many posts on this already. Please look them up and read them.

I think I might present it a bit differently, Sophia - right now it sticks out like a sore thumb among the rest of your gigs.

You might like to take a look at @cyaxrex’s recent post about gaining weight through being busy online, not being able to reist pastries (who can?) and his dog not being as keen on exercise as it used to be. Adapt that attitude to your existing market.

Make it fit in … or remove it.

i did it,will i get orders of logo animation in future?

By doing market research and competitors analysis.

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@sophia2dexpert that depends on whether you do the research necessary, take the advice already given … and even then, no guarantees. You’re in a highly competitive category.

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Your gig titles:
I will creat amazing custom logo animation
I will creat perfect custom logo animation and intro
I will creat amazing custom youtube intro and outro video animation

The 3 gig titles are missing the “e” from the end of “create”.

The logo animation and the logo animation and intro gigs have the same gig preview image and I assume the same gig video. It will help to make those different so they can be easily differentiated on the profile page etc.

On your “I will creat amazing custom youtube intro and outro video animation” gig:
At the bottom you say “We Don’t Creat Logos” - missing the end of the word “create”.

On your logo animation & logo animation & intro gigs you say:
“HOPE YOU SOON,”. That could be reworded.


Thank you so much I corrected everything.:blush:

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