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How bad is a cancellation

How bad is a cancellation for me?
This guy keeps changing his mind and is paying 20$. I really don’t have time for that…

He wants a product photo for his beer composited and he sent me an example and said that is what he wants. I made it much better than the example and that is not only my opinion, the example is pretty bad. I made a water splash around his beer (like in the example) and he said that water splashes don’t have any logic and I should remove water.
I removed water as he wanted and then he said “It’s too boring, why don’t you create a portal and make the beer come out of that portal” (remember that water splashing didn’t have logic behind it?).

Then he made me change the position of that portal from one corner to another (just like those memes with guys carrying furniture).

Right now I don’t see any way of me satisfying that customer so I wanted to ask you will cancellation affect my account too badly?

I have 18 orders and a 0% cancellation rate.

And what do you guys suggest?

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how many revisions were in his package?

because i notice you don’t offer unlimited revisions, and i would argue that he’s used three (removing the water, adding the portal, moving the portal)

How many revisions are left in the order? If there are any, then the buyer is entitled to ask for it, if there is no revision, then simply say that

"I did the xxx amount of revisions in this order and for more revisions, it will cost you this. If he pays, good for you, If he doesn’t then try to tell him that please take your time and think what you actually want, and I will do that for you. I cannot change things from one place to another just because it’s possible. It’s not an easy task.

If you can do the work, I suggest you do it, only because you just joined last month and there are not many chances that a new seller will get regular orders on this platform and that is why break that chain or orders.

If you have decided to cancel the order, then it’s your choice. But a cancellation is a cancellation, it may or may not affect, but there is a chance it will affect and change the positioning of your gig.

1 revison,
but I did all of that as it is not too hard but he is long to respond but he still pressed revision only once, rest of the photos I sent him are pretty much sketches. And I have an image with a portal that is not sketch and is really good that I sent to him and he said he still doesn’t like something “he wants more power”.

I delivered only once and he rejected that, not to come to any confusion.

He keeps changing his mind. What he is asking for is not hard but he just changes his mind near the end.

ok. i think if you cancelled this order it would put your completion rate from 100% to 95 or 94, this would go back up the more you complete orders

have you tried letting him know that you’ll make one more of these changes and that’s all?

I will try. I’m just worried as I have no experience on this platform and how severe is negative review relative to cancellation etc. Usually, when I get a client like that I just tell him to come back when he makes up his mind, but I don’t know how smart would that be on fiverr.

As far as I know, negative reviews seem to affect new sellers a lot more. If you have several 5 star reviews backing you up, it isn’t that much of a problem. You can definitely recover from both cancellations and negative reviews.

Cancellation will appear for two months but a negative review will stay there forever.

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