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How bad will a 4 star review effect me?

Hi, I am a relatively new seller here on Fiverr. So far, I got 2 orders for my gig. The first client gave me 5 stars. The second client gave me 4 stars leading to a 4.5-star average. I was very worried about getting a, not 5-star review. How will this affect me and potential clients considering my gig? I’m just scared that nobody would buy my gig again.


4 stars is still good. Don’t worry about it.

Buyers are allowed to leave any review that they feel best reflects their experience with you and your delivered work. The more positive reviews you earn, the higher your overall seller rating will be. If you feel that a 4.5 rating is an issue for you, then work to deliver more orders that earn 5-star reviews. None of us can guarantee how your target customers will respond to your seller rating.


In my experience the majority of buyers do leave honest feedback that reflects their experience.

I think you’re looking at your issue the wrong way. Rather than worry about whether anyone will buy your gig again, instead take an honest look at the work you delivered and the customer service you gave with this last order.

Ask yourself, was it the very best service? What if your buyer was actually right to leave you four star feedback and not five star? I say this because if you deliver the same level of service next time - resulting in four star feedback, your average will fall below 4.5.

Don’t run before you can walk. Look at what went wrong and learn from it.


4 starts is good, it wont impact your account

one strategy i use to get 5 star rating for sure is i overdeliver what iam asked for.Buuyer will be motivated enough to leave a 5star

don;t worry about this matter just stay with fiverr and obviously you will got much more sell on your gig

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Over-delivering is like working for free. I would rather do the best my capabilities allow me to do.

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When you look at my stats, what stands out to you first? Is it the five 4-star reviews or the two hundred and thirty 5-star reviews?

I would just focus on being the best me I can be when completing an order. Hopefully, my best is enough for a 5-star review. If not then I’m a need to try harder.


you made a point buddy :frowning: