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How bad will mutually canceling hurt me in the long run or do I have a better option?

Okay, so I have this buyer who bought my resume gig without contacting me first (which I strongly encouraged in my gig description!) and I was working long shifts during the next two days (and two days is my delivery time). Basically, I rushed through the order to get it delivered very last minute and they rejected it. I will admit it was not my best work. They asked for a cover letter instead and I agreed and asked for that information. One of the things I require is job description. I do not know what the responsibilities of every job would be, so a description is necessary for a cover letter. Well after a couple days I had not heard anything so I messaged them and they said that they had sent the message, but I had not received it. They then resent it but under job description they said to do a search myself. They are some sort of financial something or other in a country I know nothing about and have had very little luck in finding a decent enough job description. Basically, at this point its well over a week or so late and I don’t know how to handle it from here. I will take anyone’s advice right now, I have a 100% positive rating right now and really would hate to lose it, but they might send negative feed back anyway because it’s so late. What do I do?

I face those kind of buyers too who place order without contacting first, but i usually try to complete it nonetheless and ask for information and wait until they replied then only start and finish it within deadline.

I recommend you set your delivery time longer in cases like this.

and mutual cancellation if the other side accepts won’t affect you

Hope this helps :smiley:

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I agree with @angiechong. That’s what I thought as I read your post: change your delivery time to something you can comfortably manage under various circumstances. Unfortunately, doing a slap-dash job may have annoyed the buyer and now he’s being less-than-cooperative. Granted, he should have contacted you first, but let me assure you,most buyers don’t, even if you say to do so in your gig description. That’s just the reality, I’m afraid.

You are going to be negatively impacted by a cancellation with this order no matter what, because it is late. The most you can hope for is to fill the order with such a great job, the buyer forgives the lateness and leaves a good review. In order to do that, you need more information, so you’ll have to try AGAIN to message the buyer and get what you need to complete it. It’s up to you whether or not to do that. Sadly, a bad review is going to hurt your rating because you haven’t completed very many orders yet.

Good luck, and consider this a lesson learned~

Reply to @angiechong: Thank you for the advice. I really do not want to cancel the order, but I almost feel like I will get bad feedback no matter what I try and do at this rate and I really do not want that. $4 is not worth that much… Besides, I shouldn’t have to spend hours on end trying to figure out what you do for a living before writing a cover letter, should I? -sigh- I am very torn on this, but I am now leaning more towards mutual cancellation if it will not affect my rating and such… Thank you again, this was all very helpful.

padfootliveson said: at this point its well over a week or so late and

padfootliveson said: leaning more towards mutual cancellation if it will not affect my rating

If you request a cancellation on a late order, you will get an automatic negative review, and your rating drops. For a mutual cancellation to not affect your rating, it must be done BEFORE it has gone past delivery time.

Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you also, for you opinion. This is all very helpful, I am still worried and can’t really decide which is best. I don’t want to seem rude when I approach the buyer after this long of trying to get a good job description, I really don’t know what to say. Thank you for all the advice, it’s great to have this forum for things like this! I really have been enjoying Fiverr all except for this order.

Reply to @celticmoon: I see, I didn’t know that part… Well damn. :confused:

Reply to @celticmoon: Oh o-o I just found out bout that part too. Thanks I learnt something new. I’ve never been late so far so didn’t know that. Yeah~ I set longer days just in case buyers order full illustration with multiple characters without contacting first so I could deliver in time.

Yeah, I was trying to give more incentive to buy my gig over someone else when I first created the gig. Now I’m seeing that with too many orders and also working a day job, I am definitely going to have to extend it a day or two just in case of those situations. I contacted the buyer and am hoping to get a positive message back with a job description I can use. I just hit level one and do not want that taken away because of this order. Either way, I am going to continue to work hard and hope to see my Fiverr business grow!