How become FEATURED gig in fiverr


Hi community here who’s gig become FEATURED can you tell me please How gig become featured?


A featured gig is a ‘fate’ thing like love romance on fiverr.
It’s all based on fiverr editorial loves it or not.
If you’re lucky, even no sales, the editorial team likes it, then it will get featured no matter what. Hope’s it help.


There’s no guaranteed method. If there were, we’d all be too busy counting our money to reply to this message.

Fiverr seems to like a really well-presented gig (great images, great description, great portfolio). It also helps if you’re offering something unique, but this isn’t essential.

Beyond that, as Chris said, it’s down to luck.


I wonder if he is going to ask you “Excuse me, dear mam, but how to find luck?”. And no, I am not being sarcastic.


this is the featured gig most use


What do you mean please?