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How best to do ongoing/repeat month + gigs

Hey all your brilliant Fiverr people…need your help!

I have a buyer interested basically in a long term/subscription type of relationship. If I create for him a one month gig, and he just reorders each month…is that it only way to do this via Fiverr?

I understand Fiverr does not allow for ongoing work gigs…Kind of a draw back it seems to me, this no subscription thing fiverr has?

Also, with a one month gig, that means I do not get paid until the month is over the work thus "concluded, " is that right?

These are the kinds of clients I get, and I am thinking that Fiverr is NOT a good venue for me for advertising some of my skills due to these limitations.

Your thoughts appreciated!
Thank you!

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That’s the only way. Charge him monthly.

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I think you can just create gig and he’ll just use it every time

Hmmm. I thought so. Thank you for responding. So then I get paid at the completion of each month, correct? Since that makes it a one month gig?

You can charge per week and setup a custom order every week so that you get paid every month. Hope that makes sense.