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How big is the size of file we can send to buyer?

I’m planning to create a gig to sell some but the file size is about 2 to 3 gb. Anyone here know the max we can send? What is the easiest way like can we use dropbox?

You can send 30mb via msg and 150 via attachment @ delivery !
Can you use dropbx ? :slight_smile: Yes you can :smiley:

Try This Way–

  1. Use Winzip , 7zip etc (winrar)
  2. Make a Zip File
  3. Then divide it in to 150 mb Parts and Send few Times

Gihan :slight_smile:

I recommend sending a link to the file location in Google Drive or Dropbox. Also let the buyer know they should copy it for themselves to retain ownership of it in case you delete it.

The files I send are 50 to 200 mb. I have bought a shared hosting for one of my websites, with unlimited disk space and traffic. I upload the files there and send the buyer the link. I hope this helps.

Normally you send up to 150mb via attachments. If you need more then upload it on Dropbox and send the link.

Dropbox its all I use to deliver gigs!

Fiverr order page has the limit of 300 MB and inbox has limit of 150 MB. Yes you can use dropbox. Or you can split file into parts and send it one by one. Splitting is done by file compressors like WinRaR, 7-Zip etc. But buyer would also need the these softwares to open that file. So, I would suggest dropbox.

I used dropbox for years to deliver gigs.

I think its 150 MB, but if you want to send large file more than 150MB, then Dropbox is best choice Or you can use where you will 15GB of cloud storage


thanks so much for helping…how about copyrights? is it safe to use dropbox?

Yes I think so. I have used it without any issue. I have seen an old discussion about it and a top rated seller mentioned there that he also use dropbox to deliver huge files.

it’s 150MB, but you can upload the files to any file sharing site and send the link on fiverr.