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How bright future as Digital Marketer in this virtual world?

Every people has a dream to be something or be like someone but somebody can succeed and other are still died for it and me watching this show and mashing with my own decision. After deadly war with myself finally I have decided to be a Digital Marketer ( .Now the question is how bright it is as a Digital Marketer or the storm of Digitization which comes from last couple of years’ will end soon. This is not just my concern. These could be a concern of thousand like me. I am Taskiul Sadly working in MNC as Sales and Marketing Executive. Though I have an experience in Sale and Marketing I saw our market place has changing very frequently. Customers want both experiences in physical and virtual market. And right now many of our Local and international companies trying to do it but how far it will go. Can Digital marketing survive in front of Traditional Marketing? I am always passionate about marketing and when I know about Digital Marketing I can’t hold myself. But the problem is, it’s so New in our Market we can’t find any specialist to guide us in our decision. The reason I posted this is not just to find vision of mine but also if I gather any knowledge form here I will try to convey to other like me. Thanks you Fiverr to give us a field to share my thoughts.

These are only my thoughts.I will be glad if you share your thoughts


yes, that’s very good. :smiley: @anikchandradey

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