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How buyer can allow portfolio image to be showed.?

I attached the JPEG image with my work delivery. My buyer reviewed me and now my love portfolio is not showing. It is turn on in my gig section. Please anyone help me with screen shots so in future I tell my buyer how they can review this portfolio.

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Tell your buyers before they review you, They are always asked to show your work on your profile, reason is very simple your work belongs to them now so you would need their permission to show it on your profile, Your live portfolio is on by default so there is nothing you can do about this, but to tell your buyers to show preview, many of them won’t even know how to show it or not so i don’t bother about this much

If the seller has it activated, it will automatically be on. I have option to turn it off during check out, otherwise it will display.

If the order has already been accepted & reviewed, there is too late for that order.


Thanks. I requested him and he told me that now he is unable to do so because he gave reviewed. I am in need of screenshot which help buyer to activate it. Being a seller I don’t know how this works? because it only shows to the buyer

Thanks. Do you give me screen shot because I don’t know how a buyer can do it. So, in future I guide my buyer how they can activate it.

You cannot do anything about this it all depends on your buyer

I hope you get the answer already about that topic

Can anyone send me the screenshot of that page in which fiverr asks buyer to show delivery images in seller’s portfolio?

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I am having the same issue. I sent the png portfolio image to my buyer but buyer said he did not had any option to unable it.Okey one thing more clear that some might refer me that it may be the issue of image size but that’s not the case. I use the same sized image for my Gig Image and also sometime it get’s displayed and some time it doesn’t.
I digged around a bit and finally found 2 videos on Youtube. Both included a Png Image But one review had the option to unable it and one didn’t.

Please any expert from @fiverr Solve this issue