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How Buyer Can Give Feedback After Delivery

A buyer of my gig wants to give feedback after few days of delivery acceptance.
He wants to know the procedure to give feedback now.
How can I guide him?
Please give your view points on this.

The buyer can complete the order on the order page and then will be prompted to give feedback.

Do NOT discuss reviews with your buyer. This can get your account a warning as Fiverr may see it as review manipulation.

Believe me, once your buyer accepts the order, Fiverr will prompt them more than once to give feedback on their experience AND ask if they want to tip you!



@genuineguidance I liked your suggestion to avoid discussion with buyer about reviews.

Unfortunately, as a seller, don’t get involved with the buyer and help him to give a review. You are not even allowed to ask for one as a seller. Against the TOS of Fiverr. Tell him to look at his messages, they will automatically send him to the correct area. In your message avoid the word ‘review’. He most likely got a message in Fiverr plus in his personal emails (the email linked to his fiverr account). But if you tell him this in the messages you will be flagged. The words ‘review’ ‘email’ etc notify the Fiverr team, and they will ban you. I have a potential customer who called me ‘dear’ and they ban him. There are words that are not allowed.