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How Buyer Request Section is managed by Fiverr Admins?


I have an important question from Friverr management that how you people manage this section? I am sure that you people manually approve these requests time to time.

So, my question is that despite of the fact that even after having a big management, why don’t you even bother to read the requests?

I can see that almost 5-10% of the requests, in a day, are not Buyer requests but the sellers requests and its a total time waste. Just for an example, I have attached a screenshot

So, I request to the management to take an action and approve these requests after carefully reading these requests.

Agreed with you

Any moderator can answer me?

Reply to @kjblynx: @ I know but can mods convey my message to management? I think it will more better if Fiverr management review all requests one by one.