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How buyers exploit some new sellers

as new seller experience. A buyer ordered my $5 basic gig but his demands are more than what was stated in my basic gig package. I sent gig extra, he ignored it, asked him to cancel, he ignored it as well. I don’t know why they do that but I think as u are new on Fiverr they won’t to Exploit u or giving u bad reviews . as all we know bad reviews on the beginning means that u will never get new orders from buyers

Force the cancellation (probably not the best idea if this is your very first sale, though) or contact Customer Support with screenshots and explain that the buyer is not being co-operative.

It’s more effective than a moan on the forum.

she is right, I just forced a cancel right now. $4 dollars is not worth the stress and complications at times. You are better off working your A off to people who appreciate it.

Totally agree! This is something I explain to clients on Fiverr and also outside of Fiverr. No discussions about money. If we would start a discussion about $4,- the money is already wasted in the moment where we start to send us messages.
I don’t get that this is so hard to understand for some.