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How buyer's mind work

Today I have completed a job and buyer give a tip also and though he didn’t use any negative word in the review section, he gives me a 4*. Why

Hi Sagormyself,

You should ask your buyer nicely, why he give you 4 star reviews, maybe there is some mistake.
or Ask him to give you some critics so that you could improve your service better in future.

In some case…, there are buyer who always give max 4 star rating, then can’t do anything about it…, just a bad day.

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I understand the advice you were given by @ridwansugi, but I can’t agree with it. Fiverr is so tough on the review issue these days, asking a buyer any question about their review can get you a warning for feedback manipulation. I don’t know why your buyer decided to do that, but I would just move forward and try to impress the next buyers even more. This is just my opinion.

Edited to add: I did read the review and your buyer did give you some construtive criticism in the review. I suggest reading that review very carefully and learning what you could have done different. They clearly did intend to leave the review you got, so I would not risk asking the buyer any questions about it.


Yes…, i understand…,
never ask buyer to change the reviews…,

But i learn from this forum…, in some case…, fiverr have some bug,
when buyer want to give 5 star, sometimes, 1 line is filled as 1 star…, so it become 3.7 star rating.
or…, buyer accidentically put a wrong star…,

this is what i mean before :slight_smile:

  • I didn’t read the buyer reviews before posting here

Totally agree with this…,
Should accept the reviews and try to improve your service better in future :slight_smile:

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This is true, though so far I think it results in a 4.7 rating, not a 3.7. It happens sometimes when buyers rate via the Fiverr app. If you ever suspect that has happened to you, though, I would suggest making a ticket to Support and tell them that you are not asking them to change an honest review, but that you are asking if they could check to make sure there wasn’t a technical problem. Even then, I’d be very careful about wording or just leave it be. I hate that it is so difficult to report potential errors, but it’s just the truth right now.

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In addition to what fonthaunt said, my opinion is to ignore and not mention any review to anyone ever since even customer support has given demotions when someone inquired to them about a review.

I got a 4 star review recently along with a large tip from the buyer. While puzzling, it’s still 4 stars and considered good so no reason to worry about it.