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How can a BUYER cancel a gig from an iPhone?


As a regular buyer of gigs I so fed up with going to a big effort to find a suitable person to do a job, they all say how great & fast they are, I pay, then so many are BAD BAD BAD or they have some lame BS excuse to not do the job. Just like ANOTHER one today saying suddenly his computer is under attack… yeah sure! Why can’t they just tell the truth in the beginning and NOT TAKE THE JOB!! It wastes everyone’s time!
Now I want to know this please:
If someone says they can’t do a job I’ve already paid for, or their work is bad & I want to cancel & get my money back immediately so I can pay the next person,
how can I do this from my iPhone?
As I can’t see how I can cancel.


Please Contact Customer service


Why am I being told to contact CS??? Why is more of my time being wasted?? Why cant CS just answer my question?


This isn’t CS, it’s a forum with sellers and buyers on it who are just regular users like you. With varying degrees of irritation, it has to be said.

You can cancel the order from a regular desktop pretty easily. IDK about on mobile devices.


CS can’t answer your question because they’re not on the forum.

It looks like the app is buggy; sellers report that, even when they initiate the cancellation, there’s no button for the buyers to accept it. So, you can either contact CS and ask them to cancel the order for you, or cancel it from a desktop computer.


I demand that CS answer OP’s questions RIGHT MEOW!:rage:



Thanks for replies. My misunderstanding from first post that it was a CS person telling me to contact them.


You have to email CS, there isn’t a button that allows you to do that yet
They should though, nice suggestion


If you can get to a computer you will be able to cancel it but from the fiverr app what I have heard is that you can’t cancel an order.


Hi, @happy_homes666
Login from desktop/laptop/broswer go to dashboard click on the running order at the top right corner you will see “Resolve Now” click on it and follow the instructions or simply leave a message for your seller to cancel/refund the order. Hope it will hep