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How can a buyer make $1000 monthly on fiverr


How can a buyer make $1000 monthly on fiverr


In one word: overdeliver!

This term gets kind of thrown around a bit much sometimes, but I like what it highlights: by surprising your current customers with even better service than they expected, the benefit to your financial bottom line will be many-fold.

You’ll be shocked at the generous tips you receive (sometimes larger than the original order price itself), you’ll earn repeat customers, they’ll refer you to their friends, and you’ll start accumulating warm reviews that attract other Buyers who might otherwise have been on the fence.

But looks like you’re already off to a great start here - keep it up!


I am wondering the same as well, because even when I do what @david388 says, buyers will just still buy the $5 basic gig.


Reply to @julipalmer7: this is a good point. I should have added the caveat that while I think my philosophy should be practiced each and every time, it doesn’t always mean that you’ll have a dazzled Buyer every single go. I just have noticed that as a general habit, it tends to pay off over the long haul here.


The last two months, my sales have really been increasing. I DO try to make a habit of delivering above and beyond and I’ve noticed that more people will purchase my extras than not. Certainly I’m not making thousands but, for the first time in years I’m not worried if I’ll be able to pay my bills every month.


I think that tweaking your extras to find a sweet spot for buyers has been the key for me. I have always made great money on fiverr 1000+ since my second month but I know that my gigs can always be improved and tweak to optimize my earning potential. I recently tweak my gig extras last month and had my best month to date on fiverr. Fiverr will work in your favor if you take great care of customers and deliver high quality. Just My experience.