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How can a buyer mark your gig complete without a review?

I don’t know if this is a new Fiverr feature, but I received 2 notifications where my buyers marked the order complete, but did not leave a review.

This seems either like a new thing since usually a buyer will leave a review and mark it complete automatically.

Yes, I know that the buyer can press the thumbs up button, but that never happened either.

Is this happening to anyone else?

andrecmoi said: It wouldn't be a bad idea to assume that the buyer left a green thumb if they haven't left any review after three days.


If it closes out after 3 days by itself then the buyer did NOT leave any feedback at all.

They just thumbs up. They don’t have to leave a written review if they don’t want. Sometimes the ‘hooray you got a thumbs up’ thing shows up, sometimes it doesn’t.

Reply to @animusargentis: No, that is not what happened here. The buyer never thumbed up at all. There is no feedback, review or thumbs up.


Yeah hotwebideas, I observed the same thing on my end, a job was marked as completed by the buyer and there was no review and no thumbs up. I have observed it a couple of times and I also observed it today. I don’t know how this is possible.

Reply to @herosplace: It may be another Fiverr bug without testing.

Reply to @bachas85: These cancellations were less than 3 days.

Reply to @bachas85: You know what he meant…hehehehe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @cheezees: Funny woman!

Reply to @madmoo: madmoo is right, it has happened to me that way many times. The fiverr system marked the order complete after 3 days and buyer doesn’t leave feedback.

Reply to @madmoo: Yeah, that’s exactly what is happening and it is confusing. I liked it better without that particular notification.

Reply to @hotwebideas: Yes! The buyer has nothing to do with the completion yet it suggests otherwise (and deceptively so). In fact, I would go as far as to say that Fiverr LIED about the buyer’s actions.

I noticed this had happened to me twice. I get a message that the buyer marked order as complete but there was no review left.

I think it might have just been the standard 3 day completion time kicking in.

Reply to @cheezees: I would not say they lied, but they definitely did not think the process through. :slight_smile:

I have the same thing! Noticed it yesterday, and went as far as sending a message to the buyer to leave the feedback. Glad to know it’s fiverr and happening to everyone else also.

This new notification on completion of order after 3 days is very nice. Only the notification message it shows is misleading and needs corrected.

The completed notice in the bubble is a new deal in the last few days.

If there’s feedback involved you get two notifications as we always have. One saying left feedback and one saying marked complete. Otherwise just a single notice that says buyer marked complete is indicating the 3 day autocomplete deal.

babyontop said: All the Buyers i have asked to leave a feedback ended up doing so.

Hmmmmmmmm ..... better track record than I have LOL!

I ask them and even provide an illustrated image with step by step instructions and still do not get all of them.


Yes, you will still receive your payment even if your buyer doesnt mark the order as complete.

But you can’t move to the next level without reviews and ratings, so, I guess that’s what it is all about. Aside from building a great reputation :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to assume that the buyer left a green thumb if they haven’t left any review after three days.