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How can a buyer order 13 quantities of a gig by mistake? (happened twice!)


I don’t know if someone is trying to play around or anything, but two buyers so far have ordered “13” quantities of my gig and then requested cancellation. The weird thing is that two different buyers have done this and they have said the exact same thing… “I order wrong” and then “Sorry”. Both buyers, saying the exact same thing! Buying the exact same quantity! “13” is such a random number! This means that they had to select 13 and then place the order… How can that be a mistake??

Does this effect me in any way?? Any way to stop this?


Yeah I already did. But as you might have guessed, there’s nothing much they can do… How many “mistake” orders do you usually get on average?


I’ve never received an order placed by mistake :o I find it nigh on impossible that people can do it!


I’ve seen reports of buyers accidentally order gigs from cell phones due to buttons being placed too close to each other, or blaming it on hitting the wrong button due to slow screen refreshing. But that is only possible if the buyer had money on account at Fiverr. If they had to go to PayPal first and also select a quantity it seems impossible.


I had two separate buyers order the same gig with every single extra and then cancel, saying that they meant to order something from a totally different seller. It was truly weird.


Back in July I got an order like this, they ordered my family tree gig and weird extras. The order came from a user whose account is no longer active, first msg was this

i order wrong 04:53 July 14, 2013 —that was my first clue

then replied Sorry, so their gig was activated

I replied I am curious on how you ordered wrong when the description is very clear and frankly my gig is pretty unique. Your profile states your are from the United States, if you have a friend or other family member who would like to use this purchase you can transfer it to them, just let me know. Regards

They replied

I want refund

I want refund

Then they attempted to drop the F bomb but spelled it incorrectly

Since they ordered the Extras it added on 30 more days to the order. So over the period of about 3 weeks I had great fun with them as they demanded a refund and kept requesting a mutual cancellation which I declined. Then they attempted to swear at me and call me names but in the wrong context and sentence structure. So I set up an English language lesson with them advising them how to correctly cuss someone out in the English language, to make it more affective and to the point… Yes I had great fun and when I got bored with the game I cancelled the order, after 3 weeks.

It’s all how you approach the situation…now for legit orders I go above and beyond but idiots who bark up my family tree becomes toys for me to play with


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Haha great story!!


I’ve had two who have left the exact same message after ordering 20 gigs at once. I cancelled it but reported the usernames to Fiverr Customer Support with my reasons for suspicious behaviour. CS informed me they were looking into it. The first user has been removed. I haven’t even checked the second one–but at least CS are doing something and they did say they were aware of the situation :slight_smile:

@tn5rr2012: I love your story.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: that is good. I have to rememer it. Lol


Someone did this to me AGAIN! Same quantity (13) and then said the exact words “I order wrong” and then “Sorry”…

So frustrating…


Reply to @geekychick: It seems like someone is trying to ruin your reputation on Fiverr.


How are they ordering 13? Like 13 individual gigs? Ouch.


I had someone do the same thing to me, 11 orders.

All he said was sorry and give me refund and asked for mutual cancellation.

I declined it a few times just for the heck of it, asking him to KINDLY explain how the

heck he placed 11 orders by mistake, he never answered, so I eventually canceled it.

Hate it when it happens!!!


I had a guy do the same thing to me but in a smaller ratio and for a service I DON’T provide on my gig! Killing my rating!