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How can a completed order with a 5 star review be canceled?

I completed a order for a customer and he gave me a five star review. I even emailed him extra info after the fact that I did not charge him for and now today over 3 weeks later I get a notification that says buyer cancelled order and funds have been returned? How can that happen? Is it a charge back problem? Does Fiverr have no protection for us against that? I did a lot of work for that client and it was a nice size order. The cancellation brought all my percentages down too. Is there something I can do?


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Some client do very bad behave with seller. Last night I completed a job success fully but client doesn’t accept my project without any issues.


I have read it on Forum and happened to me as well.

Every time there is a charge back on Fiverr (edited), they check the order if the client have got what they needed or not. if yes, Seller gets to keep the money but it is counted as a cancelled order without any effect.

Not sure what happened in your case, in my last case I got the money, I did not had to go to customer support as well.

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“Every time” – how many times has this happened?

I think it’s important to question why you’re attracting sketchy people.

Not with me, it only happened twice with me, but there was a thread where lots of seller were telling there stories so I used the term Every time.

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