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How can a delivered video content be protected

Please i would like to know how a seller can deliver a video content on fiverr and have it watermarked before a buyer accepts


Use water mark and when buyer will happy with final project then you may deliver it without water mark.

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Ok noted. Can the video be zipped?

Yes you can obviously.

If you are sending video as file in order not delivery you must put your own watermark. Only files in delivery have watermark and not the zip files.

So do you mean video file in delivery are watermarked by fiverr or the seller?

In zip nothing is watermarked.

Only if file is sent as mp4 and in delivery file, if you send it in order communication it is not watermarked.

I want to get this really right. If i deliver an mp4 video in order, fiverr places a watermark on the video, and the watermark disappears when buyer confirms the order?.

Yes. If you deliver it in order delivery as mp4, not in communication of the delivery.