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How can a new seller compete with the old and experienced sellers?


how can a new seller compete with the old and experience sellers and can survive on fiverr?


There’s hundreds of new sellers who are extremely experienced here on Fiverr, they just haven’t gotten any work yet. We all started from the bottom :slight_smile: just focus on your own gigs and getting your reviews built and avoid the thought of there being higher ranking sellers than you. There are a lot of buyers who take chances on new sellers and realize that they are hidden gems. Just put out good work and you will succeed!


There are a good number of sellers who immediately got their first orders and they
all had one thing in common:
They all knew what to do, and how to do it.
Plain and simple! :smiley:

(A little bit of luck too, yes)


At one time, every seller on fiverr was a new seller competing with old and experienced sellers and many of them not just survived, but thrived…


Keep striving to be the best that you can be.

Like others have said, every seller starts at the bottom and works their way up. You just have to keep performing and delivering your orders to the best standard possible to increase your reviews and thus, your credibility and trust for buyers.

If you’re looking to make a living on Fiverr straight away: it isn’t going to happen. Like with any direction you take to become a freelance writer, you’ll have to work your way up to that. And that takes time.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope that you get some orders coming your way soon!


you are right diasy and I hope I will get such buyer soon lol
by the way thanks for sharing your thoughts means a lot of new sellers like me


So nice of you. I appreciated it is a very kind gesture from your side. Thanks a lot, I wish I will soon start my career here on Fiverr.


Yes, you are hundred percent right and I agree with you but literally find an order at the earliest stage of fever is not a piece of cake well thanks alot


can you please evaluate my gigs that they are properly placed or not?


can you please see my gigs that they are properly placed or not?


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Isn’t this from a fastcopywriter post from earlier? I remember that phrase “goth writer”.


I would say that you need to be expert in your field. Then being NEW SELLER on Fiverr will never matter.

Like in my field I do WordPres work but I am not expert at everything. I get many messages from buyer which I am not able to do or in Buyer request some tasks require that skill I don’t have. If a new seller has great expertize in any filed I am sure he can be better than other old sellers in few months.

However if you got no skills and just basic things you know then you can never compete with anyone


Indeed, it’s an identical copy-paste post :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

@habib007 why are you copy-pasting other people’s posts as your own? If you don’t have anything to say yourself to contribute to the forum, please don’t copy paste other people’s words, it’s considered spam.


its been a year since i started selling on fiverr my services

the only way to win is not to compete

Following things help me to achieve the level where i am today and win over 70+ clients trust :slight_smile:
hope they help you too :slight_smile:

  • Provide quality
  • Deliver In time
  • Deliver Whats described and what customer want
  • Always give your 100% to complete the job
  • talk with respect and politely to every client
  • Give more


Thanks Subhan. Can you please tell me how long did you wait for your first order and how did you get that?


and can you please evaluate my gigs and profile that are those properly placed or not?


If you’d like some help, please post in ‘Improve My Gigs’, then more people will be able to help you! :sunny:


its Shubham :slight_smile:
i got my first order after applying to apprx 400 buyers
that means 40 days continuously applying to buyers requests use all of it


not chance , close your account and go home ! just kidding here

Work on improving your gigs ,

-----deliver good product --FAST-- because HIGH RANKED SELLERS CHARGE FOR EXTRA FAST DELIVERY --------

Get your first 10 to 20 GOOD reviews and you’re up ( rely on social Media for that)

good luck